Brooks on the future of U.S. political parties


An interesting piece from Brooks, for once.

“The Republican Party is now a coalition of globalization-loving business executives and globalization-hating white workers. That’s untenable. At its molten core, the Republican Party has become the party of the dispossessed, not the party of cosmopolitan business.”


Yeah, it would make no sense…to those who think in terms of racial and economic groups and various classes.

As it happens, the REPUBLICAN party is untenable. Simply because its leaders reject its base, reject its platform, and are ideologically allied with their purported opponents in the Democrat-neo-Marxist opposition party.


I think the old guard of the GOP will win out and chase the left and it won’t be easy because the Dimocrats might as will belly up to the bar and order their drink of choice…Communist-Socialist Cocktail. The GOP will continue to falter and fail as they will never out liberal the liberals, there is little left to to give away free and in their desperation they will grasp at any straw even its it Bernies Bunions or Black Lives Matter, they won’t care in the desperation to win which they will not.

The appeal of FREEdom by the Left is so great that few can resist. If it feels good do it, Free love, food, joy, happiness you name it. To be a far left its a life without rules, a life based upon the importance of YOU not to be offended, not to feel bad or offended. The far left has not problem giving up the Bill of Rights in its entirety and there is a reason for that. The BoR are “God Given” and the far left does recognize a God, because God wants them to lead a moral and ethical life, in other words RULES and the left HATES rules because they see the world as Do as I say, not as I Do. Additionally they see the Govt as the seat of all power and the Govt favors the left so why do we need a BoR the Govt gives and our master is the POTUS, he/she loves us and will take care. We can get rid of the Freedom of speech for it offends me, freedom of religion because it offends me and its NOT the govt right to impose it on me and of course that pesky 2nd Amend because if we had no guns we would have no crime.

All this works as long as we have the conflict we have today in our highly divided society. If you align left then you align wiht Obama and Hitlery and they are the govt and that is good because they beleive as I do and the right wants speech, religion and guns, get rid of those 3 and the world will sing in perfect harmony.

Remember there is ALWAYS a crash after the high and when the right is defeated and there is not more real enemy, oh boy the US is gonna crash and crash hard. $20 Trillion LARGE in debt, Student debt $1.44 TRILLION…economic collapse?

Higher taxes the far left way and its killing Capitalism in America…oh, yea that is what is SUPPOSED to do, that way we can nationalize key industries, manuf and finance and maybe more. The Hitler-Nazi model.

How do you make a far left progressive commie socialist convert to GOD, small govt and capitalism? Stop paying for their free lunch!

I’d like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love

Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves

I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony

I’d like to hold it in my arms
And keep it company

I’d like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand

And hear them echo through the hills
For peace through out the land

I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony

The New Seekers


> the Dimocrats might as will belly up to the bar and order their drink of choice…Communist-Socialist Cocktail

The current nominee of the Republican party refuses to stop lavishing praise and admiration on Putin, one of the worst authoritarian communist dictators in the world.


And your party’s nominee keeps on promising more Free Sh_t.

Have you figured out how you’re going to PAY for all this free college and Moslem immigrants and Hillarycare and $15/hour hamburger flippers, meaning $15 hamburgers…

And all this while they choke off industry in this country by choking off energy…???


I do same and I spent over half my adult life getting ready to go to war. Of the Ruskys I have been studying since the 60’s Putin would be my most challenge as an adversary, the man is SMART, I put money he is a hellva of Commander, he has GUTS and he take well calulacted risks and guess what, I think Trump knows that and Trump can deal with hime, whereas ObuttBoy would grovel at the very sound of his voice…you got to understand the way Trump thinks, he represents power and strength, he takes it head on and he RESPECTS Putin and YOU should also!

Breaking: Secretary of State John Kerry says the US and Russia have agreed on a plan to reduce violence in Syria, leading to peace and political transition.

For more news, please go to and watch Fox News Channel.

One might note that Purple Heart kerry only announced it, he had NO ROLE nor did Hilda, PUTING is callin the shots over there…



He said that Putin is a stronger leader of Russia than Obama is of America. If that is lavishing praise and admiration on Putin then count me in.


You can live in Canada.


Enki, what does the Canada comment have to do here?
Are you snubbing the Canadians?


$15 hamburgers are no problem for the elite of either party; neither are Syrian and Central American refugees as long as they are not dumped in their neighbourhoods. Pay for it? No problem, just make those disgusting bigoted “white workers” pay for it, it’s what they deserve.


Many thanks, I haven’t had a good laugh in days.


The $15 an hour minimum wage is just one more way to put poor, struggling people out of work. The small businesses will either be unable to pay it and will have lay people off and close down, or they will invest in capital assets that will replace low wage workers. You can only pass along so much of the added costs.

Minimum wage laws are a farce. They are based in the assumption that small business owners are rich SOBs who exploit working people. The truth is most small businesses struggy to survive these days, and often generate modest incomes for their owners. Outside interferences, like the $15 an hour minimum wage and Obama Care only make their survival more dicey. Two thirds of all the jobs in this country are created by small businesses.

And yes, I have experience. I grew up as the son of a small business man, and I ran a small business before I retired.


Say what you will about Putin. He has expanded the size and influence of Russia, while Obama has doubled our national debt, run down our military and left us with so little prestige that the Chinese won’t even run a staircase out so that Obama can disembark from Air Force One. Instead he has to climb out of the tail of the plane like manure out a goose.

I don’t like Putin, but at least he’s a leader, all be it a foolish one in the long run in my opinion. I wish that Trump could stay focused, but that seems to be beyond him.


Seems to me like the OP is an America hating liberal. He should move out.


He’s a leader of a hostile nation, with a centuries-old history of imperialist expansion…and he himself has dreams of rebuilding their empire.

You can admire his leadership qualities; but he is neither a moral political leader nor a friend or even strategic ally to the United States. WE ARE THE OBSTACLE TO HIS DESIGNS.


And for THIS REASON my friends we NEED to know and understand him so if and when the day comes we find ourselves on opposite sides we will understand his next move.

Contrary to popular belief we don’t win on the battlefield solely on brute force. We know and understand our adversary we anticipate his next move, we know what he thinks and what drives him and we have been doing this since the Revolutionary war.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…


> Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

And mostly, keep them afraid.

The best deterrent to war is the credible threat of overwhelming retaliation. “Peace Through Strength” as Reagan put it. “Understanding” your opponent counts for little when he doesn’t believe you have the ability or will to prevent his expansion plans. War happens when a power challenges the status quo with military force.

Knowing he will will do little for you. Letting HIM know, or think, that a challenge will be far more costly to himself and his nation than it will advance his aims, prevents that conflict from unfolding.