Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, Reveals One of Her Methods


Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, has revealed one of the “mistakes” that she made in counting the ballots. She “inadvertently” mixed in an unknown number of invalid ballots with an unknown number of legitimate ballots. Since the ballots cannot now be sorted between the good and bad ones, ALL OF THEM will counted because it would be UNFAIR to those legitimate voters not to have their ballots counted. This “mix-up” apparently occurred when Snipes and her team were behind closed doors with no outside supervision as required by law.

In a related story, one of the junior lawyers on the Democrat team argued in court that ballots submitted by illegal aliens should be counted. One of the senior lawyers immediately jumped in and told the court that this would be clearly illegal, but the truth about one of the Democrats strategies had been revealed. This “junior lawyer” obviously got his degree from one of those correspondent schools that used to advertise on the back of cigarette packages.

We can now see what we are up against. A large number of illegally executed ballots are now in the system. Since the Democrats knew about how many votes they needed to tip the election, don’t be surprised if they pull this off, at least for the Senate race. They will need to more to steal the governor’s race.

The kindest thing that any honest person can make about Ms. Snipes’ tenure in office is that she is incompetent. There have been at 12 other election count violations during her administration. There should be a court injunction that would remove her from the process, given her record, but I know that will never happen. All we can hope is that she will not do any more damage to the electoral process.


When Scott was governor, why didn’t he terminate her?

Do you think deSantis will?


I have no answer to that question. It might because in recent years she has been using her lawless vote counting procedures to reward and punish Democrats within their own primaries. Since Broward and Palm Beach Counties are one party blue reservation, a Republican government would not have them on the top of his list.

He would be a fool if he didn’t, but watch the Democrats run to their ballot box of choice … the courts.


I THINK it is most likely what we actually have here is gross managerial incompetence on the part of Brenda Snipes - PROBABLY not election fraud on her part.

HOWEVER - given her demonstrated level of managerial incompetence it is entirely possible for one or more of her election employees/volunteers to take the opportunity to place their finger on the election scales.

With her history of well known/documented misfeasance, it is entirely appropriate to ask, why/how has she remained the top election official in Broward County?

I have AN ANSWER, not necessarily the correct answer, but an answer: What is the one accusation used as a bludgeon by the Left that frightens Republican politicians to death?

ANSWER: Being labeled a RACIST. I think it is entirely possible that she has remained in her position because Scott has been afraid to fire her. I’m only speculating, however, it is the only reason I can think of that accounts for her continued presence.

Will DeSantis off-load her? I think there is little doubt that he will - And VERY SOON after the recount is completed - at least, as soon as he can and while it is still fresh in everyone’s mind that her incredibly poor job performance has reached critical mass - AGAIN. Scott will still be the state’s governor until January - hopefully, he will beat DeSantis to it.


My take on it is the Brenda Snipes is as crooked as they come. She has been tied up in election fraud that has kept the Democratic leadership in power, blocking out Democratic insurgents. She is “wired” because she has delivered for people like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz who herself is not stranger to primary and other election manipulation. Just ask the Bennie Sanders supporters.

As for why she gets re-elected, the Democrats could nominate a cock roach for office, and it would get re-elected. There is only one party in that part of Florida, and what few Republicans there are, are of the RINO variety

As for the racist comment, yea, that’s the perfect Democrat come back for just about any issue. And now they have a new one. Health care is a right that should be given out for free to everyone. I saw an ad the other day where some guy is claiming he can get free insurance under Obama Care for a family of four making $60,000 a year. If that’s true we are on the express train to single payer, socialized medicine,


She has kept her job so far because it’s an ELECTED position. Democrats are well-known to vote to keep KNOWN FELONS in office when given the opportunity. The ex-Washington D.C. MAYOR is one such example.


Oh he just went to jail for smoking crack cocaine. Whats wrong with that?

The most famous example was Democrat James Michael Curley who was elected to an alderman’s seat while he was in jail. That was in 1904. Late in his career in 1947 he went to jail for mail fraud while he was the mayor of Boston. He refused to give up his mayor’s seat and was still holding office while he was in jail. President Harry Truman got him out with a pardon. after the president claimed he got 100,000 signatures from Boston residents.

Here are few srories about this interesting rogue.

After supporting FDR for president, Curley expected to get a reward, like an appointment to be an ambassador to some place like his roots, Ireland. FDR thought about appointing him to be the ambassador to Poland.

“Poland?” of his aids asked, “Why there?”

“Can you think of anything that Mr. Curley would like to steal in Poland?” the president responded.

When was washed up as a politician, he was riding in parade in one of the Boston neighborhoods. “Whose this guy Pizza?” the former mayor asked. Curley had seen a lot of signs with the word, “pizza” on them and figured it must have been the name of successful business man he could tap for some “contributions.”

When I lived and worked in the Boston area, I once made less than flattering remark about Curley to a co-worker. He said to me, “Don’t you ever say anything bad about Mayor Curley! If you had a worthless son-in-law who couldn’t land a job, Mayor Curley could always find one for him in the government.”

Point taken.

Here is a classic Curley - FDR jugate that was issued during the 1932 Democrat primaries. This was one of the embarrassing campaigns for FDR - He lost the Massachusetts primary after Curley said he could deliver a win.


Elected or not, election officials can be removed for cause. It would take documentation and the pursuit of court action to do so - her repeated misfeasance (incompetence) and her repeated/willful failure to comply with state and local election law has been well documented over an extended period of time.

What has been lacking is the will to seek her ouster by court action on the part of the Secretary Of State and Attorney General - and I might as well throw the Governor under the bus, too.