Brown Defends Gas Tax


As I read the linked article,

Brown Defends Gas Tax
The Orange County Register,

the good governor Moonbeam in California seems to have little respect for the citizens who pay taxes. Especially the gas taxes that are supposed to maintain the highways.

Brown said the plan is unrealistic. “The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said, adding that the approved tax and fee hikes bring those charges to the level they were 30 years ago if adjusted for inflation. “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”

Seems to me the gov has called the taxpayers “freeloaders” because they are getting tired of paying excessive taxes that are not being used for the purpose for which they were collected.


Even in California, I have to wonder if calling a significant fraction of voters “freeloaders” is going to keep him in office…


Some context:

  1. Jerry Brown is out of the Governor’s off at the end of 2018. Permanently, as in term limited out.

  2. Brown’s comment was in a speech in defense of a freshman D State Senator, whom the Rs are trying to recall, taking issue with his gas tax vote especially.

  3. The “road-improvement plan” Brown is supposedly defending would not be necessary, but for half a century (not an exaggeration!) of gas tax and vehicle license $$ being “stolen” from highway maintenance and improvement for which those taxes and fees are supposed to be used and dumping the $$ into hare-brained mass transit boondoggles (with apologies to hares!).

And, yeah. If the Rs are smart and have a little courage, they’ll try to make Brown’s denigration of tax-paying citizens Josh Newman’s Basket of Deplorables moment. Intelligence and courage are qualities that haven’t associated in my thinking with the California Republican Party in 40 or 50 years.


So how about the freeloading electric cars???


Several states have blamed hybrids for decline in gas tax revenue, and are the pretext for gas tax increases. And both get increased DMV license fees. So, answering the question that should leap to mind, yes, the government’s left hand is subsidizing EVs and hybrids, and the government’s other left hand is boosting taxes on them along with everyone else.


LOL I KNEW IT…so govt sub’s electric cars and sooner or later everyone will have one in their garage and then the govt pulls the plug and suddenly your electric bill goes thru the roof…but wait, it gets worse, unlike Texaco, Exxon, Mobil, and 1000’s of small and independents in most all cases there is ONLY ONE game in town selling electricity and they are dealing the cards…

Electric cars: BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes AGAIN)


In addition to one of the highest state income tax rates in the nation, the secondary taxes in Cal are nothing short of grand theft. It is not only the sharp increase in gasoline tax that is confiscatory, but vehicle registration fees have ballooned to rates that are nothing short of legalized extortion.

Here in Texas we pay roughly $75 per year to register each highway vehicle we own. When I heard about the new Cal gasoline tax I contacted Cal DMV just for kicks to find out what it would cost us to register our two vehicles there. As one who used to live and practice in Cal I knew the registration fees would be high, but DAMN . . .!! They must be pouring concrete and laying asphalt laced with pure gold.

DMV estimated my wife’s 1 year old car to run just over $1325 per year to register while my 5 year old Dodge 1 ton pickup came in at just under 975 per year.

On top of the direct vehicle centered taxes - vehicle registration fees are nothing more than taxes by another name - Cal has vehicle insurance rates that will take your breath away. No doubt in part due to the large number of uninsured motorists in the state.

The only good news on taxes in Cal concerns the relatively low property tax rates. However, while the tax rate is relatively low the assessed valuation of housing in Cal, upon which the dollar amount of property tax (along with the tax rate) is determined, is through the roof. By contrast, Texas property taxes are higher than Cal even though housing is much less expensive. Mainly this is due to the tax rate imposed by the independent school districts here. Of course, in Texas ones children - in our case, grandchildren - benefit by attending real schools having reasonable class sizes and that actually offer instruction.




The reality Mike is the govt sucks people in and subsidies and the ole adage always applies sooner or later…there is NO FREE LUNCH.

The State of Hawaii was one of the first and the most to embrace free electricity from the sun aka solar power. It hit Hawaii P&L like a kneed to the groin, revenues PLUNGED, but worry not, as the govt won’t let that happen and those that had solar well they got hit with a new tax IIRC that captured the difference between what they now paid vs what they paid without solar.

This whole electric push by the govt, not by corp America, its the govt that wants us in electric, because it gives them the ultimate power over the consumer as you cannot turn to corp America and its capitalist competition model. If I don’t like gas/diesel prices at Shell, there is a Exxon across the street, a Wal Mart Murphy down the road and I can always ask Sri to tell me where is the cheapest diesel (WORKS, I do it often in my travels).

But wait there is more and its worse. Since the govt controls the P&L companies, the govt controls the rates and it can distribute the YOUR wealth thru billing. Those on the poor side of town get one rate and those on the wealthy side of town get another rate.

Not sure what is gonna happen to folks like me. I am on a rural co-op that is in a membership with several other co-ops to get better rates by buying large and buying excess electricity from across the SW. My electric bill for my 2400 sq ft home facing S runs about $110 a mo avg over a year.