Browns' Isaiah Crowell to apologize for post of police officer getting throat slashed


Just one more reason I quit following sports!

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Browns running back Isaiah Crowell plans to apologize Monday for posting a drawing of a police officer having his throat slashed on Instagram, a league source told

The person slashing the officer’s throat is wearing a black jacket and hood with is face covered. He’s wearing black gloves, has an ankh pendent around his neck and an American flag backpack on. Blood is spurting out of the officer’s neck and mouth, which is covered by the murderer’s hand.

Browns’ Isaiah Crowell to apologize for post of police officer getting throat slashed |


Why people waste a dime on the pro sports scum is beyond me. I haven’t watched that crap in 30 years. Ever since they caught that scum Michael Irvin buying coke on video out of an S10.


That reminds me!

Do you remember when Cincinnati went to the super bowl in 1988?
(Yea, a Long time ago) lol

Stanley Wilson the running back ‘disappeared’ to retrieve his “playbook”.

Problem was he didn’t come back!

When they went looking for ole Stanley, they found him all coked up in his hotel room! lol

No more Stanley.
(Third offense … Gone!)


I’ve given up on all pro sports. The participants are mostly a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who couldn’t make a living if they weren’t taller, heavier, faster or could jump higher than other people. NONE of them have a modicum of fan loyalty, despite living off of the money fans pay to see them play their games and a HUGE percentage of them should be making gravel out of big rocks instead of being on TV.


Young Mr Crowell’s apology is not accepted.


It’s one of those “sorry I got caught” apologies.


Or maybe, “The NFL, my banker, and my agent are sorry I got caught and forced me to say this, the @#$%, $%^& crackers!”


Don’t you just wonder where their mind is at when they do something like this? Did they not think that someone in the organization might find that offensive?


Rather than wondering where the mind is at I often wonder whether or not they have a mind at all. Check out their decisions off the field as well as their lack of grasping the English language.


Coaches! They don’t care, look the other way and protect all they ask is to win…“winning is everything!”

Remember Lance Rentzel, Dallas Cowboys. Tom Landry did not tolerate much off field stuff, he fired you, no matter how good you were.

Bill Belichick, one of the dirtiest coaches to ever coach in the NFL, but no one cares, he is a cheater and had no problem with it…