Browser rendering

Different browsers interpret web site code differently. That’s not remarkable or a revelation . . . it’s been that been that way since Christ designed the first web site in the Netscape days.

Not all browsers are totally wwwc complant (“World Wide Web Consortium” . . . the organization that sets coding standards for web sites). For example, some won’t interpret HTML5 the same way exactly, or certain css codes (“Cascading Style Sheets”) have a different look on different browsers.

Internet Explore used to be particularly cranky about HTML versions and css versions (I haven’t used IE in a while, so I don’t know if it’s still that way.)

I know when I designed a web site I put the logo/comment that the site was best viewed in Firefox. Some sites have a logo/comment that it was designed to be viewed best in . . . Internet Explorer.

So, I’m curious. Do you guys test for different browser renderings, and if so which browsers (AND VERSIONS) do you test?

I test in three different browsers to see the rendering of projects I work on. Mainly it is Chrome version 37.0.2062.124, then it is viewed in Firefox version 32.0.3, and Safari version 7.1. Which are all up to date. I check that regularly and keep them up to date.


Since I’m guessing that most users here are Windoze and IE people, I would have thought IE would be the benchmark.

That’s neither here nor there for me since I’m a ‘nix kinda’ guy.

I have been using Firefox 32.03 but am slowly transitioning to Opera version 12 (Ubuntu/Canonical is not on 24 yet, and that’s fine with me . . . the old 12 engine I like . . . not sure I want the Chrome engine version.)

Anyway, that’s the reason I asked the question. Opera 12 has quite a different rendering than FF. Some of it may be because I have yet to get all my Opera settings where they should be, and some of it may just be because of the inherent differences on displays between Opera and FF.

Was just curious primarily.

Thanks for the response.

BTW, did not mean to imply you didn’t know what wwwc was nor css . . . I know you know what they are. Was just expanding on them for any readers that didn’t know.

Did not mean to be “talking down” to you . . . on the contrary, you know a lot more about this stuff than I do.

Had to uninstall Mozilla/Firefox because it kept crashing on me. Now, I’m using Google Chrome…not much better.

[MENTION=10945]BobJam[/MENTION], I never thought anything other than that you were just curious as to what we used.:grin: I don’t use IE because I work on a Mac and I try to stay away from cross-platform applications. I can view things in IE if I need to through another notebook, but I rarely do.

Btw, sometimes my responses are like the code I write, short and to the point. Less chances for misinterpretation or computing errors.:geek: Nothing more, nothing less.:smile:

BobJam, I occasionally emulate IE when viewing the site. And occasionally dust off my Windows machine to view the site with that.

Do you have virus protection like Mcafee or Norton? Sounds like spyware or a virus. This used to happen to me I got protection and always doe the full scan and I always delete browsing history and choose erase everything once a week including downloads and passwords. Also go to add remove programs a delete things that you don’t need. You might be surprised by what you find. Sometimes when you down load something it also downloads something else with it without telling you and that something becomes infected or spyware.

Also update you windows program. Do all of this and your problem should end. I went away from firefox, but wnt back after they did a reveamp update which made it much better. Chrome is a mess.

I have Norton and am fully protected. I’ve done all what you have suggested. I think it might be background programs that are causing this. I just don’t know how to find them and eliminate them.

Backround programs are programs that can be found in add/remove programs. If you can list programs that are in you add/remove programs I can tell you ones that shouldn’t be there. These are likely spyware infected, which explains your issue.

Also update your adobe software and java, which might be causing errors. Also, look at the bottom right of your desktop and see if it’s trying to notify you of problems. Mine shows an up arrow and I click on it then there is a icon that looks like a flag and I click on it and see all problems and updates that need to happen.

There are 95 programs installed on the add/remove file. I have no idea which is important and which is not.

My computer tells me when Adobe needs to be updated. I had the latest Adobe update just a few days ago. Same with Java. I clicked on the “flag” and there’s no problems or updates. Next??

95 programs is a lot. I have 64. Most of them have the name windows associated with them or your computer maniufactuer like mine is dell so anything dell I don’t remove. Also, anything that says adobe or java you can rule out. Try to copy and past as many as you can. This sounds like you have programs installed that shouldn’t be there.

Also try clearing all of internet explorer hoistory and data 100%.