Bryan Adams Cancels Gig in Mississippi!


Dear Suh,
It has come to my attention that a certain somebody by the name of Bryan Adams, a singer/minstrel/comedian or somesuch, has DISSRESPECTED DIXIE by refusing to play his alleged music in Mississippi after that states decision regarding same-sex marriage.
To you, young sir,or ma’am ,or whatever gender you prefer, I give this UNSOLICITED advice: The LAST TIME some northerner (Mr Adams is from Canada) tried to stop STATES RIGHTS, you remember what happened. Uh-huh! And we have NOT GOTTEN OVER THAT LITTLE SKIRMISH,EITHER!
So I suggest you play in San Francisco or Detroit or Montreal…but don’t look for no trouble down at he South…we is mighty grouchy these days, don’t you know…

Senator Foghorn:mad:


Haha, that dude’s a whiny leftwing loon. Wish I hated his music, but – I don’t.


Uhhhh, you lost the Civil War?


And they haven’t gotten over it yet apparently.

Bryan Adams is still a moron (whose music I love). I wonder if he can find a way to keep bigots from paying for his CDs and attending concerts elsewhere…


And a SOUTHERN FRIED SALUTE to the Old North State for their new law regarding bathroom segregation…
I shudder for any questionable types that enter the lady’s room with BOOM-BOOM LARUE, the Baton Rouge Bombshell, my secretary…It could get messy…The Tar Heel state has plenty of high-powered females like that…some could be described as “MAGNUM”.
It is looking like the old days of 1850-60…the Old South RISING UP in Union (oops…I mean “Confederacy”) with one another…What state will rise next?


Yeah, I like his music.

I have to change the words when I play some of them.

"Back in the summer of Eighty Nine"
I wasn’t around in 69.

Cuts like a knife is great though.
Run to you, great song, but it’s all about a dude cheating on his wife.


Yeah, I don’t think that states are going to secede over this.


I like the cut of your jib, Senator Foghorn. You have a fresh sound. It plays well here.


I just saw that the City of Portland, Oregon, has banned travel to Missouri on city business. Morons. Also, what business does Portland have in Missouri anyway? Can’t imagine Missouri gives two rips.


Governor Cuomo in NY has been pulling the same garbage with other states. Our own Governor Wolfe did the bathroom bill and other crap by executive order (I don’t imagine it will stand, but I do imagine that his goal is to get righteous people to expend their resources to fight it).


Sounds like these musicians and politicians are doing “us” a favor. Keep them people out of my state, and Mississippi.


THIS JUST IN! Massachusetts Governor, the Honorable Charlie Baker, has been BOOED OFF THE STAGE at a LGBT RALLY! Ah, bless you, Mr Governor, but there is SOME that are not about to be convinced on ANYTHING! ANYBODY done changed from a MALE to a FEMALE (or vicey-versy) ain’t got the WITS to be convinced about nothing! But look on the bright side…being BOOED by that bunch is a GOOD THING!!! As we say down at the South,"If they FOR IT ,then,honey,we is AGIN IT!"
In solemn assembly with those Senators of the Southern Peoples, I hereby induct the great state of Massachusetts into the Confederacy!!! (I wish they could make the SPELLING a little easier, though…like “Mississippi” or “Louisiana” or like that)
And don’t you-uns THINK that the STATES ain’t likely to SECEDE over just any little thing! Why, Abe Lincoln done got elected,and there was a SLEW of states skedaddling out of the union!!! Why, the Former Secretary of State can do at LEAST that good,if she sets her pointy little head to it!!!


PS I sure do get excited sometimes,don’t I? I WONDER what my BLOOD PRESSURE IS???

And if you GOOGLE up Governor Charlie Baker, there is a E-MAIL FORM on his official site, where you can send the Gov a "Thank you"note…I did!


Well, this time we have gone TOO FAR!!!
The Cirque O Soiled (Alleged) Circus has done gone and declared BOYCOTT against North Carolina for DISCRIMINATORY TYPE DISCRIMINATION against Transgender Types (One look at the Cirque O Soiled will show you WHY they have their leotards in a knot…it is them what the law is agin, don’t you know) Anyway, ruin and destruction have come to the Old North State! Horrors! No perverted CIRQUE type CIRCUS will be seen in the Tarheel State! Not until the Carolinians repent in sackcloth and ashes then they MAYBE will come back…MAYBE!
Who, oh , WHO will slam us next???

By the way,I hereby shout “BOYCOT” against the Cirque O Solemio fiasco…I don’t wanna see you south of the MASON-DIXON LINE again!



Those celebrities that have boycottedNC and Ole Miss:
1)Michael Moore HAHAHA! How did we manage this? It would have been illegal to restrict him from the South…but he done did it himself!
2)Ringo Starr Oh,dear.
3)Bruce Springsteen really cool,Brucie
4.Rob Reiner What could “MEATHEAD” know about right and wrong???
5)Bryan Adams Already discussed (or discusted)
6)Sharon Stone Hollywood…the Sodom of the 1st Century

Al Sharpton
Ted Turner
Whoopi Goldberg
Jane (Hanoi) Fonda

Let’s start a letter campaign!



We could do with having them boycott PA, too - not that we’d ever notice if they were here.