Buddhist mobs attack Muslim homes in Myanmar, one dead


Security forces struggled to control Buddhist mobs who burned Muslim homes on Wednesday for a second day in the northern Myanmar city of Lashio in a dangerous widening of ultra-nationalist Buddhist violence.

Scores of young men and boys on motorbikes and on foot marauded through the city of 130,000 people, some singing nationalist songs, a day after a mosque and religious school were torched.
One person was killed and four were wounded in fighting, Ye Htut, spokesman for President Thein Sein, said in a Facebook post. Police fired guns to disperse the crowds, he said.


This is a change of pace with Muslims being on the receiving end of violence. Apparently the Budhists are not standing quietly while muslims run amok.](http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/29/us-myanmar-violence-idUSBRE94S0JD20130529)The Muslim set a woman on fire. If this had been a predominately Muslim area the Muslim would have been forgiven and the woman punished if she survived.


The present ruling regime is trying for a homogeneous Burmese-Buddhist nation. So ethnic minorities and religious minorities are all under attack. This has been going on for several years. There are refugee camps in Thailand for people who have fled Burma.


You know this kind of surprises me as you wouldn’t think a Buddhist to be the violent type. Then again, I believe that might have something to do with journalistic hyperbole. See the majority of Burmese are Buddhist. At the same time, a Muslim (a minority Burmese group) set fire to a Burmese woman. Now in ages past, there have been moments in history where a certain group was singled out for ejection and rejection. This however were politically, socially motivated, not religiously. Don’t you think that might have more to do with like patriotic zeal? I mean they didn’t go into the fight chanting Buddhist hymns or proverbs (which would appear out of place in a violent mob I would imagine) but rather nationalistic songs. So, to me, the title should be a mob of BURMESE attacked the Muslims.

Since this is obviously intentional to use Buddhist as it isn’t the first logical choice of a descriptive adjective for the mob and its characteristics. So why blame Buddhists? When was the last time you heard a Buddhist Monk, the Dali Lama say ANYTHING about violent mobs, xenophic rhetoric, or anything violent of the sort (remember these are the people who don’t kill ants because it is bad karma). I believe this particular journalist chose to use Buddhist to set a narrative “See? All religions are violent, Muslims aren’t so bad, THE BUDDHISTS ARE!” Jeez, you’d think before he tried to manufacture a new false narrative he would start small? Like with Daoists. Or maybe Santeria? Ya they kill chickens, see just as bad as Muslims.

Ugh I apologize, I actually have nothing against Islam in general, but I do think it is so silly to dilute ourselves into believing that Islam does not have violent rhetoric which can motivate certain people to feel justified in violent behavior. The majority restrain themselves, but the words are always there for any of them, in a time of desperation or anger, feel justified with reckless violent behavior. So, when I see people trying to separate terrorist from Islam is just absurd. And to take it a step farther by instead of exposing Islamic tendencies you seek out the same in other religions to give it justification as well. And we wonder why things are so chaotic.

Anyways, my assessment of that. Wild times in Burma but I agree with Pete, this probably had the Junta involved in some small fashion to aid in the expulsion of unwanteds from a very closed society under strict rule. What better way to keep a population from rising up against you by keeping them suppressing some new demon within the nation.


You are very probably very right about this being politically motivated. Just like the “Catholics vs Protestants” in Ireland - it’s really the Irish vs the English.


Really astute assessment of what the journalist was aiming for and very acute reading between the lines here. However, I do want to address one part of a line:

“The majority restrain themselves” (meaning the Muslims)

I take exception to this line that has been invoked more times than the Obama Administration has “forgotten” something or of which they are merely unaware. I hear this all the time, people who are constantly saying, “Well, yes, there are bad people who are Muslims, but the vast majority…”

My question for these people is this: What evidence do we actually have that proves this assertion? I mean, every time I hear this, I wonder how these people know that the “vast majority” of Muslims are peace-loving and pacifying. There is something very wrong in the world when every single time we hear that a person has set off an explosive or has attacked someone (seemingly at random) the first thought to enter each of our minds is: “Was the perpetrator a Muslim?” (as we nod knowingly). Each time a plane is hijacked or redirected or forced to land, be honest…what is your first thought? Can we just dispense with the phony objectiveness and speak the truth that we all espouse?

If we are right about these beliefs 99% of the time, shouldn’t we begin to accept that Muslims (who by and large do NOT condemn these terrible acts of murder) appear to be in lock-step with these Fascist Islamist Jihadists? (Maybe we should start calling them FIJs???) I have yet to see the statistics that back this oft-used statement that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I really do hope to see something that convinces me of the opposite view. Because I’m a little jaded after all the negative reports and articles that you see about murderous Muslims. Please tell me I’m missing something here…


From what Sam posted in the article:

Scores of young men and boys on motorbikes and on foot

Rarely can you expect any young person to act rationally whether they are Buddhist or not. I’ve been practicing Buddhism for a few years and still struggle to to control me self. Buddhism(the lifestyle) is something that takes time(many years) to master and as for following it in a religious sense, a lifetime. The young people acted in the heat of the moment, can I blame them, no but they are not following their teaching well if they are even Buddhists.

On a different note this article stinks of broad-brushing and political agendas.