Buh-Bye, mailey2074


I was half joking, no apologies necessary. I closed it because I didn’t feel it was necessary to continue that conversation. Having a different opinion will not get you banned here. In most cases, you would get warnings, then infractions if you were violating rules. To my recollection, I don’t recall any infractions being issued to JBG, or warnings. Now, given this is a conservative site, as a declared liberal your posts will probably be scrutinized and challenged more often than a conservative. So long as you aren’t breaking rules, you are perfectly safe.


Just to be sure, JBG’s “liberalism” is pretty much tongue-in-cheek…


Totally agree. His liberalism is more conservative than some conservatives I know!


Totally agree. His liberalism is more conservative than some conservatives I know![/QUOTE]

I don’t know how or where this is but someone found my profile (link). I certainly do not seem conservative from this.

And I would appreciate knowing where this is. I do recollect filling it out.


Yours, or any poster’s, political leanings are really irrelevant when it comes to the rules.

We don’t selectively enforce some things because someone posts from a liberal or conservative viewpoint.

When I said someone’s posts would be more under scrutiny, that wasn’t intended to mean that we Mods place higher scrutiny on someone like that.
It was meant as the majority of posters here would challenge your posts more often, but so long as you are following the rules, you can post whatever you like.

As for being liberal or not, I thought you had self identified yourself as a Liberal Democrat at some point a while back. If that’s not the case, no insult, or mischaracterization was intended. It was simply a mistake on my part.


I just read your survey. You can find this on the upper right hand of your posts where it says: “Political views: ‘Survey’”. If anything, I would describe your positions as a moderate. That’s just my take.