Bullying, nudity alleged at Ottawa RCMP training school: CBC report


These issues are having some impact on the political climate in Canada. There is a vast and broad belief that Canadian police have no accountability mechanism and politicians themselves are afraid to clean up the mess.

Bullying, nudity alleged at Ottawa RCMP training school: CBC report | Ottawa Citizen

These are supposed to be some of the best Canada has to offer, those we rely on to handle delicate National Security matters. This is where there first experiences of training in the force takes place, where they learn about the “culture” of the RCMP. Disturbingly, these stories are even more rampant in Ontario. Abuses of power not seen in any other democracy.

While the RCMP tried to bury this issue for 2 years, according to CBC they chose another disgraced member (still on the force without any repercussions) to investigate the situation! It’s as absurd as it is disturbing:

"With Solesme suspended, the RCMP searched for a replacement. Ultimately, the Mounties selected Staff Sgt. Ron Matthews for the job. A** curious choice, considering he too has been disciplined for disgraceful conduct at work.**In 2011 an RCMP adjudication board reprimanded Matthews for, among other things, downloading and viewing pornography at work and using a laptop in the office to record a striptease video, in which he was seen “exposing his genitals and performing sexual acts.”

From the article above, if you can believe it:

"Yet CBC News said it spoke to four complainants — all former employees of the RCMP’s explosives training unit at the school — who say the matter is common knowledge within the force. The men say they tried to share accounts of other disturbing behaviour, including unwanted sexual touching, rampant nudity, and bullying at the school in 2014 and 2015, but RCMP investigators didn’t want to know.

According to the report, one of the officers suspended Wednesday is RCMP Staff Sgt. Bruno Solesme, who was the unit manager. Solesme had already been disciplined for nudity in the workplace, specifically one instance where he was seen lying naked across the desk of a colleague. He was suspended with pay for several months in 2014 before an internal adjudication board formally issued a reprimand and docked him seven days’ pay.

The other man reportedly suspended this week is a civilian member of the RCMP and a former Canadian Forces Joint Task Force member, Marco Calandrini. He was docked five days’ pay for walking naked around the office on a regular basis. Calandrini was docked another 15 days’ pay after the force investigated allegations he had inappropriately touched a former colleague."

What’s worse, is that in Ontario there have been numerous abuses from both the Ontario Provincial Police and the Toronto Police Services that go without punishment or even investigation! The RCMP are supposed to have jurisdiction, but as you can see from the article above; along with the massive class action lawsuit filed by women in the force against them, they themselves don’t have the inclination to even control their own bad apples let alone protect citizens across our country from abuse.

A couple of months ago an OPP officer ran over a citizens family dog, TWICE! Mistaking this old, slow animal for a coyote, and then shooting the dog after running it over. The family is of course incensed and there as a video catching the action in Collingwood, Ontario. Yet again, no fallout or political accountability. This, on top of numerous scandals by the OPP including a pension fund scheme by high ranking members and direct interference by its members in the provincial election which ensured the “gravy train” continued with the re-election of a socialist/communist Provincial Liberal Party (not to be confused with our current central Federal Liberal party).

In America you have an entirely different system of checks and balances in your government, your security apparatus and courts. You have the FBI who will ensure that municipal and state police operates as they should, and you have the Justice Department that oversees the FBI and demand a certain level of decorum, and of course, loyalty to your constitution. You will also hear of politicians engaging the will of the people by demanding investigations and changes, operating by the “Rule of Law” and transparency. This is how a democracy works. Or how it should work, except for the odd, complex case. In my vast reading on the subject, the FBI do an exceptional job in most cases. They are the standard to which all agencies should strive to be.

In Canada there have been recommendations for change outlined, the RCMP didn’t enact anything, flippantly disregarding any changes. There was a similar report for the Toronto Police, little was instilled. Just last week four members of the TPS were charges with planting evidence and perjury, this on top of a murder charge for an officer (that only occurred because the outcry was immense due to the video evidence). The chief of police smiles as his force gets a raise that now passes $1 Billion. The average wage of the TPS earns more than the chief of police of Detroit! A far more dangerous city.

The end result of this? You will hear of high ranked mafia members seeing Canada as a breeding ground, some even doing interviews from prison in Italy about how Canada was considered a second home for many of them. This even after the Italian police and the FBI warned the RCMP over a decade ago about this threat in Canada, in one case even providing a list of “capas” working in Canada to which no arrests followed. You hear that 1000’s of Aboriginal women have been killed and very few arrests or attention paid to it over the last many years, it has become so atrocious that the UN (regardless of your opinion of them, I know) is considering the Human Right complaints put forth.

My guess is that this is an extremely important time in Canadian politics in regards to civil liberties and security. The balance is easily struck, the biggest question as it always has been in Canada is the political will. These agencies are operating in a manner that is not just posing a threat to Canadians, but also our neigbours, let me assure you.

Sorry for the length. Have a great day.