Bureaucracy at it best/sarcasm


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made Flint’s water crisis a hallmark of their campaigns: Sanders visited the city last week for a town hall and has called for Michigan governor Rick Snyder to resign. Clinton used her victory speech on Super Tuesday to highlight the situation, taking aim at Snyder by saying the “city’s children were poisoned by toxic water because the governor wanted to save a little money.” (Without naming Clinton, Snyder later responded, “Flint families need our help, not political rhetoric.”)

Flint’s water became contaminated after the city, in April 2014, started pulling water from the Flint river. The decision, made as Flint was run by a state-appointed emergency manager, was crafted as an interim measure until a new water system Flint planned to join was operational. Following the switch, however, the Michigan department of environmental quality (DEQ) did not require Flint to treat the river water with anti-corrosion agents, allowing lead to leach off pipes and flow into households.
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</aside>Many have pinned blame for the crisis on Snyder, who has released more than 38,000 emails from his executive staff and state departments involved in regulating Flint’s water. The emails have shown that his administration’s delay in coming to terms with the enormity of Flint’s problem was the lack of concern of those dealing with it.


I imagine what will happen is this will get attention and in the end all of it will be sweep under the rug with the situation still affecting people


Yee gads! Talk about being hypocrites! [quote=Hildabeest]“city’s children were poisoned by toxic water because the governor wanted to save a little money.” [/quote] Yet she allowed 4 Americans to be brutally massacred in Benghazi to save money!! She is pure evil. Bernie boy is just an idiot.