Burger King is offering 1-cent Whoppers ‘at’ McDonald’s


Wel-l-l … It is news.:grin:


That could actually backfire on them.

“Hmmm. I’m here at a McDonald’s to get a Whopper for a penny, but those Big Macs smell good…”


Big Mac? YUCK! QPC, maybe, but Big Macs are disgusting!


Totally agree. There’s only one thing on McDonald’s menu that I’ll eat and that’s their fries.


Their “special sauce” is kind of slathered on there, and I’ve never been a fan of that “inner” bun.

Mayonnaise is preferable to a Thousand island dressing derivative.

I was kind of disappointed with BK when I saw the “Big King”:

But then I realized “Oh wait, the QPC is basically a Whopper on a McDonald’s grill; McD’s shot first.”



I haven’t had either in ages, but I always liked Big Macs better than Whoppers. That said, I don’t care to patronize either establishment for social agenda/family friendliness reasons (our local BK had songs playing that had NO business in a family restaurant).


Yeah, and they support some terrible causes like Planned Parenthood.


Their fries suck and the reason is in the way they are now prepared (the fries) to please the Vegans!

McD’s ‘use’ to have THE BEST fries among all of the fast food joints but that is when they used beef tallow!
They started using soy- corn oil in 2003 and it was downhill from there!


Gross! Haven’t had them in years, so I guess I’m better off!


I think Wendy’s and Checkers are the only cheap fast food restaurants that have decent fries now. Fives Guys have great fries if you like greasy diner style fries(but they aren’t very cheap).

I think we’ve kind of gotten spoiled with French Fry quality though. I remember when fries at a random small restaurant would blow away anything you could get from fast food. I wouldn’t say Krystal’s chili cheese fries are much different than what I could get at a typical BBQ restaurant.

McD’s just stands out as the only one that got a lot worse, while everyone else improved.