Burglar sues homeowner who shot him


A burglar who broke into a man’s garage has filed a lawsuit against the homeowner for shooting him.
Authorities said David A. Bailey, now 31, of Albany, Ind., broke into the garage of David McLaughlin of Dunkirk, Ind., on April 21, 2014.
McLaughlin, now 33, fired gunshots at the intruder he saw fleeing his property. One of the bullets hit Bailey in the left arm as he ran down an alley.
In September 2014, a Jay County Superior Court jury here found McLaughlin guilty of criminal recklessness in the shooting. Judge Max Ludy later sentenced McLaughlin to 60 days in jail, to be followed with four months on home detention.
In June 2015, Judge Brian Hutchinson of Jay County Circuit Court placed Bailey, who had pleaded guilty to burglary, on electronic home detention for three years. Last week Bailey’s lawyers, Jason Delk and Daniel Gibson of Muncie, Ind., filed a Jay County Circuit Court lawsuit against McLaughlin.

Burglar sues homeowner who shot him

Will a leftist judge allow this suit to go forward?


Very probably.


I recall a case locally where someone attacked a person in a parking lot and stole her money and someone shot the attacker in the leg as he was fleeing. The attacker sued the guy who shot him. I never did find out the result. With our current system with activist judges the fellow probably lose who did the shooting.

Which reminds me I have jury duty next month.


This is how they are going to do it. Pick us off one at a time thru the courts. They have BIG $$$$$ behind them and a raft of lawyers. Even if they don’t win, you still lose as you will go broke defending yourself.

We are moving into a time when if you defend yourself against anyone except a white man you are going to jail and will lose everything in the process and the drugged up minority who broken in your home, stole, raped, murdered and then escaped will sue you for a litany of crimes from racial to just being a gun owner.

1 of 4, 35% of adult black males is a convicted felon and the NAACP and BLM want that changed to more reflect society as in about 1 in 20…

That said there a solution:

Break into my home, die in my home. Hard to take me to court if you have no witnesses…dead men tell no tales.