Burt Reynolds, Movie Star Who Played It for Grins, Dies at 82

Burt gave us many hours of pleasant entertainment…which is what a entertainer is SUPPOSED to do but which very few actually deliver. I’ve watched few actors who had me literally ROARING with laughter. Burt Reynolds was one such.

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to be honest, the only movies of his that I really liked were Deliverance, Cannonball Run I and II.

Smokey and the Bandit I liked more for Jackie and Jerry than him.

I thought his best acting was as Quint in Gunsmoke!

For years Burt claimed to have been born in Waycross, Georgia.

He was actually born in Lansing, Michigan but I won’t hold that against him.:laughing:

It always bothers me that the news media goes on and on and on eulogizing an actor or musician who dies, reviewing all their works, but we almost never hear when a particularly creative engineer or scientist who has positively impacted our lives dies.

Burt Reynolds’ death is worth a mention in the news, but I never met him and there are gobs and gobs of actors after all.

But unlike lots of actors … He actually liked Trump!:rofl:

One of my favorite Burt Reynolds moments didn’t come in any of his movies. He was once named as a substitute host for Johnny Carson…unusual for a non-comedian. One of his guests was his ex-wife, Judy Carne, of “Laugh In” renown. She chided him for his mostly-nude pose on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, saying something about his “most strategic parts” covered by his hand. He quickly corrected her by saying “You mean covered by my ARM!” The audience laughed for two minutes straight.

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