Busted Spiders

Went to the who’s online page and what do I see?
A Gazillion spiders!

I’m not usually surprised to see a Google spider trolling around but whoever heard of a Baudi spider before?

There was at least a Gazillion of those nasties prowling about!

Now I know that I posted this thread under Site Suggestions and Bugs and I know that I don’t have a suggestion and spiders aren’t technically a ‘bug’ but … everyone was asleep so-o-o, I figured I’d slip one by the mods.

What’s a Google spider?


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Actually, they are search engines, looking for key words. I don’t know well enough how or what they do to explain it beyond that, but they are always about. I do not know what a Baidu spider represents, though.

They sure make it hard to search for anything. Bing is the worst. Seems all they want to do is throw up left leaning websites. You have to get very creative to find something you want. Sometimes I even go back to google, and occasionally find what it is I want, but they censor too. Years ago it wasn’t this way. Of course I don’t know if that’s what the spiders are doing.

I think they are just looking for keywords.

Yeah, probably for which ads they can pop up. Another thing that drives me crazy.

How does a Web Crawler work?

The first thing you need to understand is what a Web Crawler or Spider is and how it works.

A Search Engine Spider (also known as a crawler, Robot, SearchBot or simply a Bot) is a program that most search engines use to find what’s new on the Internet.

Google’s web crawler is known as GoogleBot.

There are many types of web spiders in use, but for now, we’re only interested in the Bot that actually “crawls” the web and collects documents to build a searchable index for the different search engines.

The program starts at a website and follows every hyperlink on each page.

Found out that the Baidu spider is a Chinese bot!

How does a Web Crawler work? | Wp Themes Planet

They also look for keywords to help in searches. Try putting Jack Hectorman (or Hectormann) in the google search panel, and see how many hits you get on RO.

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I just did that!

God Bless our Christian Brother!


I just did a search, using the name as he used it here, with the double “n” - at first I got a lot of extraneous stuff, so I put quotes around the name to narrow it down. There was one in Russian which, obviously, I couldn’t read, but it appeared to be a Russian analysis of RO. There were some referencing other sites Jack has been on, as well as his blog.

I wonder how many of them are government spyders. :grin: