Buttigieg has dropped out

Finally. and thankfully. America is JUST not ready for a beclowned homersexual.

Homersexual? Does that mean he is doing Homer Simpson?


Deplorables’ use of Alinsky rule number 5. Ridicule.

I am supportive of his position. At least he can see the danger posed the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. He withdrew from the campaign to sharpen the opposition to Sanders.

Sanders is our Hugo Chavez. Sanders combined with a Democrat controlled Congress might very well end everything we have worked though out our lives.


He should be the Left’s Mohamed Morsi. Someone presented as the distillation of the Lefts ideals and soundly rejected.

A general election loss for Biden rather than Sanders will only strengthen the voice of the latter’s supporters.

If they can’t understand how bad his ideas are, they need to at least understand that the rest of us will not go along with them.

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If by some fluke Bernie becomes president he can inflict temporary damage (mostly economic) but will be unable to destroy the Republic. A democrat controlled House will never pass the Green New Deal or a Wealth Tax. There will be enough sane non-communist Representatives to prevent that. They are largely silent as they don’t want the moonbats to primary them or have midnight marches around their homes. Even if they win the Senate, I don’t believe Schumer will eliminate the filibuster, he is smart enough to know that when the Republicans return to power they will use it against him with a vengeance. Two years of Bernie’s economic carnage will be enough to give the House and Senate back to the Republicans who will hopefully have grown a spine by then. We also have a much stronger position in the courts. Many of Bernie’s plans require Constitutional amendments.

He is much more dangerous than Biden. Remember well, at this point in the 2016 campaign, almost everyone (left and right) believed that a Trump victory was impossible.

PS Don’t get me wrong, as things stand today, I believe the President’s re-election is in the bag.

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I hope that you are right, but I don’t want to even come close to testing those political theories. If Sanders were able to win the presidency and bring the House and the Senate along with him, there would be a “honeymoon period” during which the Green New Deal, radical tax increases and massive regulations could be put into place.

Once Sanders got started, he could be just like Hugo Chavez and steamroller his entire program into place. He would open up the borders though executive order, give the illegals free heath care out of compassion and give them free rent-free housing before any of the “moderate Democrats could lift a finger.

Sanders is a communist, plain and simple. His constituents include brain-washed recent college graduates, people who are very envious of what others have earned, illegal immigrants, who will be voting, and think they should get everything for free because they are “entitled,” and old time radicals, who are my age, who have been waiting for this day since the 1960s. They will not accept moderation.

There aren’t really any “moderate Democrats” any more. When Biden was in the Senate, he was viewed as one of the most liberal of Senators based on his voting record. Now he is “the moderate” which means he is actually the “conservative Democrat” who stands for liberal programs.

I hope you are correct, but we can take NOTHING for granted. California, New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut will all vote Democrat, no matter who gets the nomination. That’s 166 Electoral votes. It takes 270 to win.

On our side, Florida is iffy but essential. A lot of people have moved from the north to here, and many of them have brought their politics with them. Even Texas, which used to be a sure bet is in play. This is going to be a tough election. There are too many Americans who think that they deserve something for nothing and that they have a right to take it from the “1 %.” They don’t realize that even with their wealth, the 1 % have only a drop in the bucket compared to what they want. If they took everything the 1 % have, it would run the government for less than 6 months. You can’t make that argument to “the mob” however.


I’m just glad I’m old. I wouldn’t want to be a young woman starting life and having to face these kinds of scenarios.