Buying pardons?

Anyone care to speculate who is involved?

Twitter has been speculating based on it being a short name that likely ends in “s” (notice the possessive apostrophe after the redacted name in the middle).


We’ll likely know soon

But honestly my opinion is it’s probably someone random who is pretty inconsequential in politics and just has money to burn on trying to get out of jail

I agree I don’t the the person asking for the pardon is the story here, but who they were in contact with and whether that person/s entertained the request will be interesting.

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i’m thinking more fake news out of a lying propaganda arm of the democrat party.

I think it is obvious now to America…ALL America just how corrupt the left is.

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Which part? Because the court documents were definitely filed and the investigation is being carried out by Barr’s DOJ.

So far, we know the DOJ is filing a case against someone for attempting to buy a presidential pardon, and that they’ve seized 50 electronic devices as evidence. Other than that, we can only speculate for now.

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This definitely means it’s real

Definitive evidence.

The same people that are always “involved”, Marxist Democrats in the intelligence community setting up the the next fake news “scandal” to justify the next fake “impeachment” that will commenced as soon as Trump is inaugurated in January or even sooner.

The mental lemmings will all pray to Mark Zuckerberg to please let it be true this time! :laughing:

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We will see if there is any truth to this. If the story is based on information from “anonymous sources” and continues to be that, we will know that it is one more Democratic Party lie. That’s all we had while Trump was in offices … lies from party operatives who didn’t have the courage to use their own names. That’s just crap, but it’s what the main stream new media depends upon these days.

If I want to read fiction, I’ll pull out a novel, not a newscast or newspaper.

The story is based on a court filing by the DOJ. Importantly, this story doesn’t necessarily mean Trump or anyone other than the one attempting to solicit the pardon did anything wrong.

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There were about 50 electronic devices seized in a search warrant, so I’ll assume that if there is a story here, the PC, cellphones, etc will tell the story.h

Looks like a typical, Biden operation to me.

The response to this thread betrays the level of bias here.

Gene and I believe the story is real, but aren’t speculating who it is. Gene has even said:

I simply said the real story here will be to see if anyone in the administration is involved.

On the other side we have:

Gene and I aren’t pointing fingers at anyone while PD, RET, and Caroline, and to a lesser degree Send are all speculating that it’s a Democratic plot.

A ploy taking place in a DOJ headed by William Barr during the Trump administration.

And if it is the “deep state”, I wonder why info like this didn’t come out a month ago, ya know, before the election?

You guys are so hell-bent on blaming Dems for everything. If a comet appeared tomorrow headed for earth, you’d probably claim it was a Democratic lie right up to the moment it hit the planet.

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We are “hell bent” in that direction because of the way you treated us during the Trump administration. When you treat people like garbage, you can’t expect to get trust from them.

Don’t even bother to come back with more of your crap about how Trump colluded with the Russians. We know that’s a lie. I’m not reading any more of it, and if you keep up, I’ll put you on “IGNORE” because that is where you will belong.

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That is literally the 8th time you’ve threatened that.

See, I feel like you are asking for a hug again.

I mean, seriously, are you saying your blatant bias is my fault? As if people on the left didn’t put up with the same treatment during Obama’s admin.

I mean, not that it really matters because I don’t justify my opinions based on how I’m treated, rather I look at the evidence. That said, you are and continue to be a conundrum to me Send.

I really have this sense of you that you are really a good person (unlike some others I’ve come across here) who is experiencing a world that is shifting under his feet and is scared. At least I understand that and even if you block me, just know, I think you’re a good guy, and I’m sorry that you despise me so much.

To be clear I’ve met a few people here vehemently disagree with me who I think are good at heart, you are one of them.

Nobody here harassed Obama for four years, threatened him with impeachment before he was even sworn into office or “investigated” him incessantly as was done to President Trump. No Republican threatened members of his cabinet, ran them out of restaurants, and camped outside of their homes shouting at them through bullhorns all night long.


leftist supporters are fools following THe elite liars and cheats.

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I heartily agree, Caroline. Just because THEY can’t figure out how to steal an election easily doesn’t mean other, much cleverer people haven’t. I’ve always said that if you want to know what Democrats are up to, just take note of what they are accusing Republicans of doing.

There was nothing even in the same universe done to Obama that you have done to Trump.

Obama was praised by the GOP elected leaders, Bush even implemented Obama’s 1 trillion dollar stimulus package before inauguration day as a gesture of good will so Obama could “hit the ground running”.

It wasn’t until Obamacare that he got any resistance at all, and that resistance came from the grass roots Tea Party movement not the elected GOP.

Obama was and is a corrupt, incompetent, lying racist yet both McCain and Romney treated him like a leader worthy of respect. Obama destroyed the domestic workforce, gave billions in cash to Terrorists in Iran, fueled a race war whenever the opportunity arose and destroyed the economic revitalization that had occurred in minority populations under Bush. Obama was and is a criminal that used the FBI to try and frame Trump, cover Clinton’s crimes and obtain illegal FISA warrants so the spies he placed in Trumps campaign could try to set up a trap.

Any amount of contempt is too little for that piece of human debris yet even today the GOP refuses to say anything critical beyond some “policy differences” ; Trump is literally the only elected Republican who has ever spoken the truth about Obama and none have ever pursued him for the crimes he committed.

Your Marxist Party has crossed every legal, ethical and moral line in the quest to undue the the election of 2016 and even condemned your own members if they even uttered anything that could be construed as a positive comment about President Trump since day ONE.

There is absolutely no manner of evil that I would have any trouble believing about your Party, after what you have revealed about yourselves the last 4 years it is impossible for any thinking person to give you the benefit of the doubt on any subject.

Try absolutely despise anyone associated with your Party in any way, to say that I am bias does not even come close to grasping what I now think of you all; your Party represents the absolute worst that humanity can become and the blood of the innocent that you bath in will be your only lasting mark in history.


Haven’t you ever watched MSNBC or CNN? Or listened to an unedited presidential press conference? Democrats, through their spokesmen in the media, have been breathing pure hatred and lies about Donald Trump nonstop for five years. Why would we expect an exception for the pardon thing?

Judging from what we hear in the media, that’s a pretty good summary. Though it will be even worse if Joe Placeholder is sworn in and Democrats give statehood to some territories to take control of the Senate and then add several leftest members to the Supreme Court.

Now that they’ve perfected election fraud, they can create ballots or dial in or flip enough votes to get anyone they pick elected, like a clone of Hitler, Stalin or Mao. Our votes will no longer have any relevance or import.