Bye . .

The reverse of an intro:

I can’t in good faith continue to be a supporter or a member of a site where a mod aligns with an individual of known leftist character.

Consequently, I will withdraw.

If this were just a matter of a simple disagreement, I’d probably remain. But it’s not. This is an issue of a philosophy opposed to my own foundation.

I firmly believe that a site may do as the owner/mods please, and if a user does not agree with a mod’s/owner’s position, then it is incumbent upon the user to adjust or move on . . . it is not necessary for the site to change. I cannot convince myself to adjust to this.

The owner/mod sets the tone, not the reverse.

I say all this without the slightest bit of acrimony.

RO is a fine site . . . it’s just not my cup of tea (for the reason stated above).

No drama. Just goodbye and good luck.

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@bobjam I hope you find a forum you enjoy. You’ll be missed here.

Well that sucks canal water…

I’ve CONSIDERED the same thing. I get really tired of the leftist idiots here getting away with spewing lies and falsehoods with impunity. I may still go, too.

Pappadave, I think that would be unfortunate.

It’s been my experience that we’ve always tried to be fair and even handed when moderating here. I’m sure everyone has a picture in their head of what a perfect forum would be. It’s difficult to translate that into reality though.

I would love to start a thread about rules and moderation, and see what everyone thinks the rules should be.

I have no problem with the “rules” per se. I DO have a problem with the leftists on this forum–a few POSING as conservatives–blatantly lying and, when you CALL them on it, it’s YOU that gets sanctioned. And, no, no specific examples come immediately to mind. It’s just a “feeling” (remember how precious those are to the left?)

Sorry to see you go Bob. May the wind be always at your back and the road rise up to meet you.

This forum never recovered from the 2016 crash. Most people never returned. Currently, almost every thread degenerates and drifts to a “beating a dead horse” argument on immigration, trade or tin-foil-hat Trump collusion fantasies. I am not “leaving” but post less and less as time goes on. I don’t think this forum will be around much longer.

I would hate to see you go. I have greatly appreciated you support with you “likes.”

I feel that I have been given latitude here to call the leftists to account, even when they try to pass themselves off as conservatives. Leftists come here because they want to cause trouble. Some of them think they will be more effective if they try to portray themselves as conservatives. It’s like the talking heads on TV who start by saying that they agree with the initial point and then spend the rest of their time arguing against it.

Some of you might think that I am of that stripe because of my stands on the Vietnam War and early term abortions. The Vietnam War has been over for decades, and now the country stands in opposition to China as it as done for centuries. You might not like its economic system, but it’s concerns about Chinese influence are genuine. The abortion issue is a family one that I will explain if pushed.

I am a reformed liberal. I used to think that taking liberal positions made you look like an intellectual. That’s what they drummed into me in undergraduate school. After a while I saw that I was wrong. I don’t take anyone’s ideology on faith any more, but I am mostly in the conservative camp.

Bob: I hate to see you go. I’ve always loved your posts and enjoy your comments so much. I do understand, though. I haven’t participated as much as I used to either. But, not for the same reason. Please reconsider!

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Ah, but what fun would it be if it were a Republican echo chamber?

Back when the ultra leftist Daily Kos was more of a forum site, I would go on and reply to posts. My comments always got voted down below the threshold of visibility, but while they were visible I would attract many responses filled with blistering hatred. It was kind of fun trying to enlighten them with good cheer. Though it was wearying.

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Bobjam, if this is about me, could we please talk it out in PM? I’d hate to see you go, too.

I don’t even think this site is findable via Google anymore.

Considering we’ve had approximately 0 new members in the last 2 years. I imagine the mods are disinclined to lose any one of the… 15 or so people left. Liberals, conservative, libertarian, whatever.

I don’t “troll” much of this site so I missed your goodbye Bob.

Frankly I’m a little disappointed, I was really hoping you’d finish the post you promised on why voting isn’t a right. :thinking:

Giving it some thought, I hope I’m not the cause of your departure. I would be surprised to find that it’s so. Anyway. I wish you luck in your endeavors.