California $15 minimum wage, garment firms moving out of Los Angeles


Last week American Apparel, the biggest clothing maker in Los Angeles, said it might outsource the making of some garments to another manufacturer in the U.S., and wiped out about 500 local jobs.

[FONT=times new roman]American Apparel is far from the only firm affected, of course:[/FONT]Felix Seo has been making clothes for wholesale in downtown for 30 years. His company, Joompy, used to count giant retailers like Forever 21 among its clients. But as prices have gone up in recent years, he said, those fast-fashion peddlers are no longer giving him orders.
“I used to pay $5 to get this sewn, and now it costs $6.50,” Seo said, holding up a patterned dress. "But my customer doesn’t want to pay that, so I can’t sell it anymore."
To survive, Seo, 59, said Joompy may have to start importing goods instead of producing them locally. “It will be impossible to make clothes in Los Angeles,” he said.

Blog: It begins: In wake of California $15 minimum wage, garment firms moving out of Los Angeles

The beat goes on as Sonny Bono would say. Another repercussion of the push to hike wages which kill jobs.


Every person who understands how devastating these minimum wage laws are needs to make their very first response to anyone who supports these increases be "So why do you hate the poor, did they do something terrible to you?"

Minimum Wage=Attacking the poorest of the poor.

That is a fact but we never get the chance to debate that fact because we never force the Left onto the defensive, we must START by clearly stating the conclusion and NEVER budge from that conclusive statement until the Left begin to argue the merits of their support for the minimum wage; you can’t win a debate that never happens so those who know better must use rhetoric to force the Left into the debate.


I have always wondered, at least for a good portion of my life, why anyone would want government or a “union representative” to negotiate the value of their labor and deprive them of one of the most fundamental rights of mankind, which is, the liberty to contract out one’s own labor without outside intervention. Setting a minimum wage is an impingement upon one of mankind’s most fundamental rights ___ the right of employee and employer to contract and mutually agree in contracts made.

Let us not forget when slavery was in effect, Blacks were denied the right to negotiate their labor. Why do they now want to return to the days of slavery and be deprive of their right to contract without outside intervention?



American Apparel has been a showcase for Libs, Progs, and others who claim manufacturing in the US poses no economic problems. As the LA Times article linked by The American Thinker piece claims, “… the company proved detractors wrong …”. Ironically, a very few paragraphs later, the LAT article says, “… the company was taken private after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection,” and, “After years of net losses …” (my emphasis). HELLO! The company went bankrupt less than 20 years after its founding! IOW, the company proved its “detractors” were RIGHT! And being freshly out of Chapter 11, American Apparel is particularly sensitive to cost increases, especially government-mandated increases that entail the underlying threat of further arbitrary government interference.