California military base construction workers detained by ICE


Ten years working as an Illegal Alien and still can’t speak English?

Too: Why aren’t the ‘contractors’ being locked up?

Hugo Mejia grabbed the lunch his wife made for him early in the morning May 3 and took off for his job at a new construction project on the Travis Air Force base in Fairfield. But the 37-year-old father of three from San Rafael didn’t return home.

Mejia and a coworker, Rodrigo Nuñez from Hayward — both undocumented immigrants from Jalisco, Mexico who have been in the United States for more than a decade — were detained on the base after a military official discovered they did not have valid social security numbers during a routine identification screening and reported them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE officials have placed both men in expedited deportation proceedings without a court hearing — known formally as “reinstatement” — because they each have old removal orders issued more than a decade ago after border agents caught them attempting to illegally cross the border. Neither of them has criminal records, according to their attorney.

California military base construction workers detained by ICE – East Bay Times


For sure.

So here for 10 years on a phony SS #…thus my question is: If the SS# is phony, then exactly where was the deductions from his paycheck GOING???

Taxes are linked to the SS#, SO where were the taxes going he was paying in???