California moves to let felons serve on juries


Hate to be a Crip facing a Blood jury. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


why don’t they just have special courts of all felons serving on juries deciding the fates of other felons. I’m sure the Costco shooter this past weekend would love that. As would California politicians. We can include them in the felon group. Felons in expensive suits.


Now Caroline, you know how this works: “…some are more equal than others.”


Sometimes I wish that we could let California secede from the Union and build a big wall on its eastern border. Washington and Oregon would probably want to join them so we could extent the wall northward. That way we could trap all the lunatics there and let the rest of us live normal lives. I would miss some of the wines, but there is lots of good stuff from other parts of the world.

Now the Kalifornia legislature wants the rest of the county pay for its homeless problem. My attitude is you created it; you live with it. You won’t listen to reason; you call us despicable for not agreeing with you; and when your policies fail, you want us to pay for it. This state full of hippies needs a cold dose of reality.


That’s not entirely accurate. They did have help. Some years ago, the big blue cities of the rust belt and northeast, tired of picking up and burying dead indigents during their winters, would handle their homeless problem by buying the bums a bus ticket to San Francisco or L.A. Send the bill to New York, Chicago, Detroit etc.