California nears adoption of energy-saving rules for computers


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California regulators moved a step closer on Friday to the first mandatory U.S. energy efficiency standards for computers and monitors, gadgets that account for 3 percent of home electric bills and 7 percent of commercial power costs in the state.
The latest draft standards issued by the California Energy Commission, marking the second revision of rules first proposed in March 2015, would save consumers an estimated $373 million annually when fully implemented, the agency said.
The projected energy savings under the plan are equivalent to the electricity used annually by all the homes in San Francisco, according to the commission.

The standards for desktops, which use far more energy than notebooks, will add about $14 to the retail cost of computers but save consumers more than $40 in electric bills over five years, according to commission estimates.

In such ventures it is well known when people are fed a bill of goods telling us they will do this or that the reality is just the opposite. Here we have another environmental group with another promise that will raise the cost of things while the results will be predictable in that the supposed savings will never materialize.


but save consumers more than $40 in electric bills over five years
Wow if this is passed I guess that I can buy that new BMW. (wink).
I don’t know. I see stuff like “gadgets that account for 3 percent of home electric bills” & I wonder about it. Is that a real number or a statistic of some sort? I think about those adds for selling windows. Replacing your windows can save you 10 to 15 percent on your electric bill (or whatever it is). True? Not exactly. Sure the save if they are replaced right. But that doesn’t have any affect on refrigerators, TV’s or any of the ton of other electric items that are normally run in a house. Basically all it saves on is a percentage of heating & cooling. And I’m not going to say that they are lying about the percent that it saves but it does depend on where you live & how hot & cold it is there. Also you have to figure in how efficient your heater & AC unit is.
Take me for example: our high electric bill in the summer is about $220 & that’s maybe 3 or 4 months. The other 4 summer months are between $140 to $160. We heat with gas so our electric bill in the winter is 80 something per month. Once you take out the electric usage for everything else that even 15% savings just isn’t that much. Added to that we have a LOT of windows (I think that it’s 28 windows). So basically yes I would save on replacing windows BUT if I were to replace them when I was 20 years old would I see enough of a saving to pay for the windows even after I passed 60 years old? And that if I live in the house that long and that’s not counting if I invested that money rather than spending it on windows.
I STRONGLY doubt numbers coming from any government agency & doubt them even more if they are somehow tied to a political agenda that is being sold to the public. Because of that I really wonder about that 3% number because just off the top of my head that sounds fake.


On thing I would like to note is tablets do not have the functionality of a desktop by the sheer fact a desk top will allow storage and additional use of peripherals as opposed to a tablet. Now some will say there are aps that will allow you to do many things on a table and even may let you do things like book keeping and even storage of pictures and such. Well for my purpose I would rather not depend on the “cloud” to store my information.

Next this statistic of 3% is nothing more than a wild ass guess as to what people may use in electricity since not everyone has a computer turned on all the time.

Third and last this like so many government programs is agenda driven and will result just like all the others. No savings will be had and the increased cost of the unit is meant for only one thing to give the government more money which will use it for its own purpose.


Lets look at the numbers:

$373 M saved annually

$40 saved over 5 years, meaning you save $8 bucks a year

$14 bucks to make the change

373 / 8 = number of computers in Ca, or about 46 Million (my est was about 48 million).

Therefore 14 x 46 Million = cost or 653 Million

Spend $653 Million to save $373 Million, yep, sounds like Liberal math to me


I’ve posted about this before but I’ll say it again. I’m not against going green but it has to make sense & almost nothing makes sense all across the U.S… Our water is high so duel flush toilets & water conserving washers make a lot of sense here. Electricity used to be high here (I switched plans last time & cut the rate in half almost) so upgrading my refrigerator made sense. If your going to stay living where your at for a while check into what you can do that will help the environment AND save you money. Do the research because it only takes a couple of hours & you make have some real savings. Heck our duel flush toilets cost us $200 & they have saved us about $600 so far. That’s a great ROI (return on investment). Our big expensive refrigerator has paid for it’s self already (5 years) because it’s so cheap to run. I LOVE green but I want a return on my money if I’m going to do it.
When I did my research I didn’t use government figures, instead I checked out all of the other sites on the web. I advise everyone to do the same BUT remember what applies to where I live may not apply to your area. And always think about if what your doing will pay you back.
Here’s a funny. When we moved in we had a list of things to improve. Number 1 on the list was our master bath because we have a garden tub in it. For those that don’t know what it is picture a sunken tub that 8 full grown adults can stand in without touching. It’s that fricken big. Shortly after we moved in I figured that I would try it because I had some sore back muscles (books = 28 boxes = sore back). So I got the water temp right & plugged the drain & sat down. After a while I got bored & started washing. I finished washing & the water still wasn’t up to my back so I shut it off & got out & there was about 4 inches of water in that sucker. Well 10 years later we still have it & still can’t take a bath in it BUT have found that it’s very handy for showers because it has steps going down into it. Old age & physical problems can make a big difference in what you want or need.


Years ago I decided to become more energy efficient so I put in new windows and a new frig and air conditioning and even a new dehumidifier. . Now all the old stuff worked and I had no problems with it. I looked at the furnace or I should say the boiler and it would have cost me $4000 to replace a unit not that old and the increased efficiency was not worth the tiny difference. My washer was fairly new and so was the water heater. My kitchen stove is pilotless. My dryer was old but it had a pilotless ignition so it did not run constantly.

The only two problems that have arose is the dehumidifier which I have had to replace several times because unlike the old one which had no problems these things only last a year. So much for new and improved.

Then Com Ed raised their prices on electricity and where I live the local government changed the deal I had with a supplier so that the cost was double what I was paying. Sometimes I wonder I have R42 insulation in the attic and the house has insulated siding. Meanwhile taxes have been going through the roof with one side nothing but pensions I am paying for.


I live rural and I don’t anyone who has lived rural that does not think conservation of our land and resources.

Today a friege is a $3000 +++ investment and they not come with TV’s and the internet built in (NOT sure why???) Are they energy efficient, sure! But I can give you more energy savings, cheaper to run, last longer and give you more interior storage and do it at HALF what you prob paid.

Over on the far wall you will find the commercial units and as I waited on the sales guy to sell me that $3200 buck fridge we had picked out at Sears I spy this Kenmore Commercial in Stainless Steel. The sign said on sale $1499, $100 bucks off. I grab the wife and she likes it.

What we got: 1, 17 cu ft fridge, 1 matching 17 cu ft freezer. What makes this a better setup? You have 2 matching units and each one has its OWN compressor system, meaning one compressor is not supporting both a freezer and a fridge also

They are very efficient to say the least.

Now the GREAT news: We told the sales guy we have changed our mind and were going with the dual comm units and we felt good kowning that we just got 34 cu ft of space for $200 less that the single unit…or SO WE THINK, we go to pay and I whip out Mr MC and the sales guy sez that will be $1499 plus tax…No, we want BOTH the freezer and the fridge units…that is the price for BOTH! Yes fold, that normally sell for $799 each, but 2 for $1499. I know they don’t have built in TV’s…

The biggest drain on the house is HOT water.

Allow me to solve that problem for you. If you have access to Natural gas or propane, then go TANKLESS. I have done 2 tankless installs MYSELF, TRUST ME this is a homeowner DIY job. Typical plumbing bid (I just got one) is $3000 to do a Tankless install + the cost of the unit about $1000 - $1500. I am NOT a plumber, but I did pass the plumbers test, there are only 2 questions and I will give you the answers so you can pass the test to.

Not sure of the order

  1. Chit don’t roll uphill

  2. Payday is on Friday

now you are a plumber!

Seriously its EZ…here is my first install: Nortiz Tankless Hot Water Install Part I | SavageSun4x4 | SavageSun Engineering


Meanwhile taxes have been going through the roof
Samspade been there & going through the same thing now. Our sleepy little town didn’t have all that high of taxes so I didn’t worry about them. Then we bought a bigger house in a better neighborhood & they almost tripled. (I never thought about taxes before we bought). Then the oil boom hit & people were renting here to drive 90 miles to the oil fields & rent & housing prices zoomed. That of course made property taxes zoom. Our taxes have gone up over 60% in 10 years. Sure I could sell my place for a lot more than I paid for it but if I don’t sell I’m getting hit hard by taxes.
OH & a hit on appliances. Stores like Lowes & Home Depot tend to carry stuff with all the bells & whistles. If you don’t want those you can order the plain Jane model for a lot less. Our refrigerator topped out at close to $3,000 but our basic model we bought for $1,400 on sale.


This is actually going to save consumers a lot more than just electricity. One of the major issues with OEM power supplies(the vast majority in circulation) is their reliance on super cheap Chinese capacitors. The things are not efficient, and have a tendency to explode after a few years. They’re only slightly cheaper than much higher higher quality capacitors. This will basically force them to upgrade them, which will in turn lead to longer PSU life.

I’ve worked on PCs in the past, and in that time about 2/3 of hardware failure I encountered was a bad PSU. And almost every one was some cheapy Dell or Diablotek PSU. Practically never something like Seasonic or Corsair.