California seizes guns.


California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms - Bloomberg

What if you sold the guns?


Sure is nice how they worded it to look like its a good thing. That just proves that registration will lead to confiscation. I agree that criminals shouldn’t have guns. I also agree that mentally unstable should not have guns. I do not however agree that a person that is just having a really rough time in life at the moment and needs a little consouling to help them get through the time should now be considered unfit to own a gun. That is not fair to that person. I also don’t agree that if you have some sort of relationship with said person unfit to own guns, that you are now prohibited of owning guns dues to proximity. There are certain people that shouldn’t have possession of firearms. But this isn’t the way to go about it.

And they will say “See, we are only going after the guns of people that are deemed unfit to have them. We won’t take them from everyone.” That is until they simply change their definition of who is unfit and start taking them from other people. Am I paranoid? A little bit. But justifiably so.

And on a side note here. Make sure that anytime a LEO comes up to your house, you step outside and close the door behind you. You may have absolutely nothing to hide, but you don’t need to allow cops to even glance at what you have. Doing so is not an admission of guilt. It is understanding your rights. No warrant = no entry/snooping/glancing.


Also rember you have no obligation to answer the door.


This is true