California set to seize 1,100 miles of coastline


Let’s see how the… (clowns; F.C.) …who were lamenting over the possible land seizing that Trump was going to have to do to build a border wall will react to this?:joy:

(Trump wouldn’t need to land grab due to the Roosevelt Reservation Act of 1907)


Only irredeemably stupid people still buy into this BS.


So these local governmental entities are going to systematically destroy miles of their most lucrative tax base?


They’ll make up for it with more- uhm, taxes…


What an opportunity!

I haven’t checked, but just announcing must have started driving property value down already, if it’s taken seriously. Or it will. But I predict it won’t have much effect long term because an awful lot of very wealthy people live in the affected areas–people who can and will pay lawyers to gum up the works. Eventually, especially after a few years of the ocean not rising, it will be abandoned.

So here’s the way to profit. Wait until property value is at a low. Buy property in the affected zone. Wait for the silliness to wear off and the price to rise again. Sell.

Though this is a long-term play, of course. And there are lots of risks–especially from California’s leftist government policies, which cause things like fires, mudslides, riots and high taxes.


Does any sane person want to live in California any more? You couldn’t pay me to live there.

Unlike South Carolina when it seceded before the Civil War, it IS large enough to be country, but it’s too large to be an insane asylum.


Idk, its pretty crazy, there, so while we’re building walls… :thinking:


Well, some Mexicans and liberals think we should give it back to Mexico because of the “immoral” Mexican War. That would change the shape of the wall. How long do you think California would remain prosperous if it became a part of Mexico? Please remember the influence of crime, drugs, human trafficking and terrorism?


Snort How long do you think California would remain prosperous minus all federal spending?


In what decade was California still prosperous?

Even with all that Federal spending, they’re still broke (in more ways than one).


It is interesting to note that Los Angels teachers are on strike for higher pay and smaller classrooms. Say what you will when you about the pay issue, but when you have 50 students in a class and it’s standing room only, there is something wrong.

These chuckle head socialist politicians are more interested in illegal alien funding for everything from welfare to medal treatment and yet ignore their own citizens, many of whom are African-American. These socialists are ready to throw them under the bus in the pursuit of their radical agenda.


Not only are they “READY” to throw minority citizens under the bus, they are DOING so daily. You would think that minorities would see what’s happening to them at the hands of their former “OWNERS” and revolt.