Californians gave Newsome a Big FU last nite

Newsolini forbade, FOR. BADE the Fireworks on July the fourth. NO public fireworks and of course fireworks are illegals for regular citizens…and yet…Last nite…Los Angeles in particular was LIT UP ALL over the place to show Newsome they don’t care for his pronouncements.

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I must admit that I thought I was alone in flipping the bird to our imbecilic Governor when he hands down these stupid “decrees from the throne” until Saturday night, I was clearly not alone!

The video that is making most of the headlines is of LA but even in Baghdad by the Bay the night was shrouded in smoke and explosions.

Anything that shoots into the air is illegal every year in Kalifornia except for permit shows so those who aquire or build such contraband are not very common; but this year with the Idiots “ban” on everything (except killing white people and looting) we had professional grade aerial fireworks in almost every neighborhood!

The king must be fuming :rofl:

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