Call this a clarification of my views.


Someone asked me this, and I thought I should post it here for clarificatrion.

**"You do need to clarify. You call yourself “Centered”. Are you centered left, or centered right? You keep resembling liberals, so I assume, left.
I am an Independent. I vote my mind and my wallet. But, I lean conservative.
How are you on:

2nd Amendment
Gay Marriage
War on Terror
United Nations
Enemy combatants
Tax cuts
Maybe, once we know you better, we’ll have a better discussion."

I was just contemplating posting a long into on the Introduce Yourself thread. I also only get on here while I’m at work and get busy too. Maybe I’ll post here and cut & paste to there.

I read news and commentary from both sides and formulate my own opinions. I get as much flak on liberal sites as I do here.
Honestly, see verbal abuse, hipocrisy, and half truths on both sides. Hence me being in the center. There is also plenty in the center but my convictions kind of leave me no where else to go.

Let me see:

-I grew up in a conservative family.
-I served in the US Air Force.
-I have never voted Democrat or Republican, Only Independent or Libertarian.
-I am not a conservative (so yes, I am left of most people on here).
-I have in the past and will in the future own guns and hunt. I don’t think that reasonable gun control should scare anyone that should reasonably own a gun. However, I don’t believe that ANY amount of gun control laws will keep them out of the hands of criminals. But a fully automatic assult weapon? Probably only if you’re a really bad shot.
-Abortion - I don’t think it should be anyone’s choice but the mother what happens to her body. This is one of my many reasons for obviously not being conservative. Personal freedom surely extends to ones own body.
-I couldn’t care less who wants to get married. Two dudes getting married has never had any effect on my marriage.
-Environment - No matter how abusive the EPA may be, I don’t see a good track record of companies being benevolent stewards of the environment. I don’t see things getting better for our environment if there are no restrictions or guidelines for the disposal of things that we KNOW harm our health and children.
-War on terror - I think swift action from the start was a good thing. We shouldn’t be nation building. I see little to no benefit to staying in Iraq or Afghanistan. We are wasting $ many the lives of our youth. I have several friends in the intelligence community. Some of them played major roles in the capture of some of the top ranked terrorists. They also share my feelings.
-Immagration - We have a path to legal immigration. If you don’t use it you shouldn’t be here. If you work here, pay taxes like everyone else.
-UN - Don’t really care, but we shouldn’t be footing so much of the bill.
-Close Gitmo. It’s a waste of money. I don’t have a good solution for where they should go, but I’m pretty sure if they weren’t terrorists before they are now.
-I believe in a flat tax. Everyone should pay the same rate. No exceptions, no breaks.
-I’m against Social Security, Medicare, any anything else that I pay heavily into and will never benefit from.

Obviously a short list, but plenty of fodder there.