Call to Prayer and Church Bells


I have been thinking that in some places there have been calls to ban church bells and even the cross . Meanwhile has any effort been made to also ban the call to prayer for muslims or the blocking of traffic or disruption of events and organizations to let muslims pray?

Duke reverses decision to allow Muslim call to prayer -

Some places are offended if a christian wears a religious metal but allow accommodations for muslims like foot baths and avoidance of dress codes.

Now we have muslim holidays on calendars while trying to eliminate christian hoildays.

Certain accommodations are made for what muslims will eat and other items will be removed from menus.

So while we hear and read about equality it seems just the opposite is true.


The Senator from *^&^% recognizes the member SamSpade and his good work for right.

Senator Foghorn


It is part of the one world religion that so called Christians are getting swept up in. The Protestants are standing with Catholics participating in Lecto Devina and calling them fellow Christians, while other Protestants are engaging in interfaith activities with Muslims and other religions and others are getting into the gay acceptance theology while others are getting more into the prosperity gospel even though they used to stand against it. Even strict Baptist churches are now embracing prosperity tithing and associating with IHOP and Mark Bickle.

There is no controversey, scandle, or hatred toward Christianity when it is introduced as a way. This happens the second Christianity is referred to as The Way, *the only *way.