Campaign Formula 101


I’ll be very brief.

There is an age old axiom in advertising - of which political campaigns are a part - it goes like this:

Match the content and quality of your message to your target audience.

In light of the content and quality of the current campaigns being run by our two candidates, I would say they have an extremely low opinion of their target audience - this nation’s electorate.

Trump can’t stop alienating his would-be supporters and Clinton can’t stop lying.


Its how communism-socialism gets sold as bigger and better.




To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, when the people get in the position to vote for goodies for themselves, democracy is finished. That’s where we are now. We have a lazy underclass who think that they are entitled to get everything for free. It’s like socialist English professor I had in my freshman year in college told his class, “The poor should be given goods and services because they are poor.” So far as he was concerned the poor had no obligation to do anything for themselves. They just deserved to get everything for nothing because they were poor.

He came up with this “gem of wisdom” while we were studying one of George Bernard Shaw’s plays. Shaw was the Fabian socialist who preached this rot. Of course Shaw also said that cripples and other defectives should be left to die for the good of society.