Campbell Soup Shutting Down Sacramento Plant; 700 Jobs Being Cut


Campbell Soup Shutting Down Sacramento Plant; 700 Jobs Being Cut
Reporting Checkey Beckford
September 27, 2012 12:11 PM

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Campbell Soup plant in Sacramento is closing as of July 2013 as the company says it is taking steps to “improve supply chain productivity,” according to a company release.

“We employ about 700 people at the Sacramento plant and unfortunately those jobs will be eliminated,” said Campbell Soup Company spokesperson Anthony Sanzio. “This is a tough day for the company, for the employees. No one likes to do this.”

The company says the Sacramento plant, built in 1947, is the oldest in its network and has the highest production costs on a per-case basis.

The announcement comes just two days after Comcast announced it will close all three of its call centers in Northern California, including one is Sacramento, because of the high cost of doing business in the Golden State.

Campbell’s is shifting the production from this plant to other plants in NC, OH and TX. Ordinarily I’s think that the tomato processing plants mentioned in the article, in Dixon and Stockton, might be “safe”, being close to where tomatoes are grown. But if part of the high costs of the soup plant are the costs of complying with the anti-Global Warming bill, SB 32, those plant could be goners. These are “boring jobs” - industrial production and supervision - not high-tech or high-flying Marketing or Manglement, but some being laid off have worked at this plant for decades. This is part of the mix of jobs the economy needs to be keeping and expanding, not losing, for the US economy to truly recover from the recent/current economic downturn! I’d love to know what role SB 32 cost played in this shutdown: were these jobs killed in part by Arnold’s Enviro-Regs?


Pere; I hate to say it, but the california chickens are now starting to comer home to roost. What did the legislature think would happen when they all cosied up to the EPA directives? Granted too many manufacturing facilities with plants as old as campbell DO NOT keep them up because of the upfit cost cutting into the realized profit margins, but the regulatory directives doo make it far too expensive to even sweep the floors anymore.