Can anyone defend Trump this time?

Without using a counterexample can anyone that supports Trump possibly defend this?

For those unwilling to click the link…

Nicholas Slatten, Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard were convicted six years ago in the killing of 14 Iraqi civilians and the wounding of 17 others. Witnesses described how the American men ambushed the civilians unprovoked, firing on Baghdad’s Nisour Square with heavy gunfire and grenade launchers.

Remember they were convicted, some of ** first-degree murder** (one a 9-year-old child) with evidence and were found guilty, so please spare me your opinions on what happened. That is unless you can present counter-evidence of your own.

And let’s not forget how Trump is connected to Eric Prince who worked on a Trump backchannel and whose sister is education secretary.

Just for fun let’s throw in Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins convinced of insider trading and embezzlement respectively.

But let’s focus on how Trump says he wanted to drain the swamp, instead he pardoned it.

Party of law and order my ass.

Any takers?

I don’t know what happened that day and you don’t either. I’ve been told that things happen fast when you’re being shot at. But why would you trust either NPR or the Washington Post? They’re known liars, especially for anything that would make the president look bad.

President Trump is well known for sticking up for people who’ve been treated unfairly. Apparently he believes these guys were, so he pardoned them.

We desperately need four more years of the president who looks out for Americans treated unfairly.


The trial was held years after a first indictment against the men was dismissed when a judge ruled that the Justice Department had withheld evidence from a grand jury and violated the guards’ constitutional rights. The dismissal outraged many Iraqis, who said it showed Americans considered themselves above the law.

They were convicted with prosecutorial misconduct rampant. It was a political trial.

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That’s a good point. Do you think Trump really knows?

No, which is what makes his pardon so disgusting. There are lots of people that deserve pardons and never get them, but looking at the list of people Trump has pardoned, most are people connected directly to Trump.

And that’s the point.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.

That’s pretty lame. They did the shooting which is not the same as 1st degree murder, as in “let’s go out today and kill some civilians”.


That’s not very reassuring. “They shot civilians”, has some pretty heavy connotations.

Hello, why don’t you check out the real world sometime. Civilians are killed in war every day somewhere on this planet. It is usually not deliberate except for Isis, Boko Haram and possibly Bashar al-Assad. Other than those dirtbags, it’s called the fog of war, especially common when your adversary does not wear a uniform.


I worked in DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) for Australia from 1998-2003. I was the crappy diplomat. My station was South East Asia. I was “five worderd” into East Timor. After I resigned I was asked again about Amadiro and Gusmao in 2006 and I know what they where talking about. I resigned in 2003 because I knew the arguments for Iraq was BS and Iran and Pakistan were the real worries. But go on with your suppositions about me.

If you are so knowledgeable then why do you persist in posting misleading nonsense?

Last time I checked, I’m not. What have you got?

Oh, right. I knew the people who also knew what Andrew Wilke was about to whistle. That there was no WMDs in Iraq and Richard Butler was a lying piece of (word removed). But let’s figure on John Howard’s change of stance. Who gives a crap, amirite?

It looks like you’re starting with the assumption that President Trump is evil so whatever he does is evil.

But I have observed him to be a very goodhearted man who really wants to do what’s best for America and Americans. Since I know beyond doubt the media lies with abandon, I start with the opposite assumption. The president, having access to everything, knows the whole story as well as is possible. So I conclude these guys must have been treated unfairly.


Honest query, because I openly admit that it leads to my own bias,: Did you feel the same way with Clinton and Obama and will you feel the same way with Biden?

Of course not. None of those have any redeeming qualities. They never even talk about the goodness of America or looking out for Americans, except for giving out handouts to buy off voters.

Thank you for answering my question.

Thank you for proving my point.

What was your point? Are you assuming there is some equivalence? Do you assume President Trump’s actions don’t make him worthy of the higher respect?

Nope. I am saying you hold Democratic Presidents to a different standard than Republican Presidents. And that your beliefs are not from an ethical viewpoint. It is from whether or not they have an ( R) or a (D) next to their name. I am saying it is very beliveable that you follow a political party like one would follow a football team.

Of all the Presidents in history, Donald Trump has by far profited more than anyone else. He has forced soldiers to reside in his golf courses in Scotland. He has charged the secret service exorbitant prices for golf cart rentals in Mara Lago on his many, many golf “holidays” (something you criticized Obama for doing yet silent about when Trump did the exact same thing yet much worse). He profited when Saudis had to stay in his hotels in Washington just to get a meeting with him.

And yet, you are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in thinking he honestly gives two craps about someone like you. And that he loves his country. It’s easy to be a patriot when you profit. My opinion is that if you profit, you aren’t a true patriot. Donald Trump is a good man only in the eyes of Trump. And he is a patriot to the nation of Trump… I reckon history will prove me right.

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Far be it for me to answer for Ken, but that’s pure unadulterated BS, Patooka. His (and my) answer doesn’t have anything to do with an ® or a (D). It has to do with one’s attitude about this country. The Clintons and Obama had different attitudes, but BOTH were in the Presidency for their own personal aggrandizement and profit. Remember Hillary lamenting that they left the White House “broke?” Nonsense, of course, since they bought a virtual mansion in New York in one of the highest priced areas in the country and are today worth hundreds of millions. Obama, pretty much the same. An obscure, singularly unqualified politician from South Chicago who is now worth over 100 million dollars and who spent his entire tenure in the White House trashing the country and went around the world apologizing for what HE perceived as past “sins” of (presumably) his own country.


I’d say pardoning people convicted of crimes related to a massacre, with at best, not knowing the what really happened and at worst knowing but not caring…That’s about as close as you can get to evil.

His actions consistently say otherwise. How people like you can look past those actions is beyond me.

Even if that were true, which it isn’t, with all this alleged knowledge he constantly tweets and retweets conspiracy theories. So either he knows and constantly lies, or he doesn’t know and is propagating unfounded conspiracies.