Can being sexually active change your political views?

I am not talking about the good old-fashion one-man one-woman marriage kind. I am talking about other heterosexual, monogamous experiences outside the context of traditional family. You see, a lot of us like sex and well, if you guys were cohabitated, would you then have to accept government benefits and liberal welfare, like in that generous welfare state Sweden? My only logical hole can tell me that there can be a privatized solution to this problem.

Oh yes, I am all for protection.



What Trekky said.

Whay? You didn’t understand what I am trying to post?

Say what???

you took the words right out of my mouth…errrr…fingers.

Whew!! I’m glad I’m not the only dunderhead here…:plain:

If you’re gonna have sex outside marriage, one should be more bold than this.

If you’re going to have sex outside of marriage, one should repent and stop doing it.