Can Government Force You to Buy a Gun


South Dakota State Representative ® has proposed a bill that would require all residents 21 and older to buy a gun. Check out this article. South Dakota Lawmakers Push Bill for Mandatory Gun Ownership
I like the idea personally. If everyone was required to carry a gun and trained on how and when to use it. Crime rates would plummet. The idea is that this is just as ridiculous as forcing people to buy health care.[URL=“”]


Fom the article:

In political terms, it’s a smack down to the “Affordable Care Act.”

no difference. It was done to make a statement as to the constitutionality of Obammycare


See, the difference here is that this is at the state level, so I’m not sure it’s wrong…

Hey, I’m all for mandatory gun ownership personally.


I am not. It is no more constitutional to mandate gun purchases,than it is to prevent them.


I think the idea of it is stupid. This is nothing but a political ploy by that Rep. We have the right to bear arms not the right to have arms forced on us by the government(state or federal). Mandatory gun ownerships just sounds stupid.

You don’t have to make me buy a gun. Heck I can and will do that all by myself.


Agree; Nobody should ‘mandate’ anything that would be morally reprehensible to them.


:yeahthat: Tiny lets not make us agreeing a habit shall we. lol :biggrin:


This is a ploy, alright, to illustrate the Obammycare mandate’s unconstitutionality. Period. He isn’t serious.


Hey if the States want to try and do anything, more power to 'em. They just run the risk of losing population with their “evil schemes”. It’s a moronic idea, but there’s nothing that says they can’t try. I know a lot of people that could pass all the screenings in the world for purchase, but I’m damn glad they are not armed. Like all the over educated door stops that work and come out of the University here.


Agreed with previous sentiments, although with our mandated education system, I think gun safety (and respect and appreciation) classes should be mandatory.


I would agree only if the class could be opted out at a parents request.


I think if nothing else, it would violate the 9th Amendment.

I’m not for mandatory gun ownership.


My personal feelings on this is if you require someone to do something, it stops being a right.



How could any man NOT own a gun and appreciate the second amendment.:flag:


There you go bringing up another government mandate that does not make sense.

Why should children be forced to attend public school AND parents be forced to pay taxes to these schools. Why can’t we choose to take that money and pay for a PRIVATE school ?



Because I appreciate my wife more. I’m slowly winning the battle but these things take time.


Your wife doesn’t want you to get a gun? o.o


Not at the moment. We’ve had a few chats about it and like I said I’m starting to win her over.


Why doesn’t she?