Can We Get A Category For Us Old Folks And Our Memories


Allow me to start it off?

Gary Puckett is ten years older than me!

I remember coming home from school one day and saw a record on my moms record player.
The 45 rpm was Gary Puckett and the Union Gaps Woman Woman.

I cannot believe how old, how fast I have grown up, grown old.



I cried after this song.

I am a woman, I can claim a softness that men would Never admit to!
(Men are soft too, they just lie about it)


Cried after this one too!
(I cry a lot):wink:


It is all So Stupid!
The songs are stupid but … they bring back memories for us old farts!

I know that these forums tend to be all politics, all the time but … we NEED a break from the horrendous state of affairs now and then!

I’m just guessing here: I suspect that Youngins are posting in important forums that deal with gaming and have no time for serious topics like … The Country Is Going To Hell!?

I am counting on, hoping that most of us on this forum are more mature and don’t mind taking a break from the politics of everyday life!?


A somewhat younger Old Fart…


If it’s going to be all videos, it will be useless as far as FC and I are concerned.


Well, I like the videos, but I can understand Susanna and FC because they can’t access videos. And, I wouldn’t mind an “ol’ farts” thread, but then that excludes certain folks.


…like us YOUNG farts.

I’m square. I’m there. Get USED to it!

(screamed through a bullhorn at threshold-of-pain levels…)


Moved thread, new title applied.