Can we hold our election today?


The best Radical Islam/ISIS recruitment tools are successful terror attacks, like the latest one in Nice, France last night and President Obama - a POTUS who refuses to lead and FULLY engage these bastards in the ISIS strongholds of Raqqa and southern Syria. All we are getting is he “strongly condemns the terrorist act in Nice and we will stand in solidarity with our allies.” Translation: We’re not going to do anything other than pretend we are taking the fight to the enemy and then dump my pile of feces in the lap of the next POTUS.

Can we please have our election today - please? We must have leadership, not a punk whose view of the world is so screwed up he is incapable or unwilling to take these bastards out. Obama, assisted by Clinton, helped precipitated this sh*t by totally pulling out of Iraq in 2012 and relinquishing our regional leadership role.

Congress needs to convene today and pass a declaration of war against the Caliphate. The West is at war with radical Islam - PERIOD!! We cannot take the refugees being brought to this country by Obama/Clinton. We are going to become Europe under this punk. Given our open borders policy, we no doubt have cells here already - thanks to Obama. Thanks to Obama our military levels have been markedly reduced - our preparation for what will be necessary, lessened.

As I’ve stated before, Barack Obama - the most dangerous man ever to serve as POTUS


Congress already passed 2 resolutions giving the President full authority to pursue and kill Terrorists anywhere on the globe that can be found, it happened right after 911. Even though Obama has essentially surrendered I don’t think that resolution is any less legitimate.