Can You Connect the Dots

Dot One: Not to long ago the Democrat Party officially, but very quietly, flip-flopped its position on illegal aliens. They were very much against illegal aliens coming in, as is evidenced by some old videos that have been surfacing of Democrat Senators in the 90’s speaking out against illegal aliens.

Dot Two: Blacks leaving the Democrat party. The #BLEXIT is real. What is unknown is the numbers.

Dot Three: Racial wars in the street, the flames being fanned by Democrat mayors.

Who can tell me what it is that connects these things?



I said back in 2017 that Trump could easily win 20% of the black male vote in 2020. Especially if Democrats picked Kamala. Kamala is the walking embodiment of a careerist black woman who thinks she’s better than you.

Black men used to love Trump before he ran for president. I’ve had about a half dozen people try to show me videos of Trump’s plane or his house, and every single time it was a black guy. He’s got the potential, but has to tap into it.

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Good post. Now connect my dots.

Unrelated. Biden has never been soft on immigration. And the Democrats are running a centrist campaign. They are not even attempting to appeal to the Left. Biden has explicitly said he would veto Medicare for All.

The recent riots are the result of the media, not Democratic Party strategy. They are fully aware that running on Law and Order helps Republicans. It even helps Republicans with black voters. Black voters are about evenly split on whether they want more of less police, with a plurality wanting it exactly as it is now (meaning defund the police is polling around 25% with black voters).

You disappoint me.

The bigwigs in the Democrat party foresaw what we are seeing now, blacks leaving the Dem party in large enough numbers as to cripple their election efforts.

Response, flip flop 180 degrees on immigration policy. Illegals whose votes they can buy with school and healthcare are now their new well of potential voters.

And the race riots are their attempt to stop the hemorrhage of black voters as much as possible by generating racial hate and anger and trying to pin it on Trump. They never counted on a Donald Trump who blacks actually loved a lot during his television days. They have to destroy him with blacks.

So the dot connection is: Illegals will take the place of blacks as a pool of voters, and race wars will sour as many blacks as possible against leaving the plantation.

If Hilary Clinton had won 100% of the Mexican-Hispanic and 100% of all Asians vote, she still would have lost in the electoral college. Mexicans don’t live in swing states, so they don’t impact elections (same as Asians). I suppose to the extent they already swung Nevada, and Colorado. But going forward Arizona is about the last state they’ll move for a while.

Florida is non-Mexican, so it doesn’t play by the same rules.

Black and white voters are the only ones who impact elections. Lose 10% of the black vote and Democrats are in a lot of trouble in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. Gain 20% of the Mexican Hispanic vote anywhere, and it makes no difference at all. The only “Hispanic” group that would do them any good are Cubans. That might move Florida. They have made zero attempt at moving Cubans.

I don’t doubt or deny any of that. I am merely connecting the odd, irrational flip flop on Dem immigration policy to the black exodus, and I am also connecting the riots to the black exodus.