Can you watch a show with injected liberal plots?


Recently Breitbart featured a column on the CBS Drama NCIS LA. It featured a hit and run of a campaigner worker for a liberal democratic senator.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Pits Evil Republican Versus Saintly Democrat
What that has to do with the Navy I have no idea?

So if you were to find a liberal storyline injected into one of your shows could you still forgive the writers and watch it? For me, I really don’t care. I can laugh at the silliness of their plotlines or I can just dive into the fictional drama. I get it that some people just can’t take it anymore. But it doesn’t bother me. TV isn’t real life. I don’t think political statements on TV shows really affect votes…


The first two seasons of the original NCIS were refreshingly conservative. Then someone else started making the decisions and it went downhill both for liberal claptrap and sex content. When I lost TV reception due to the switch to DTV signals, I didn’t miss it much.

My cousin had loaned me DVDs of the series Dark Angel by James Cameron, but his liberal content induced me to give it up after eight episodes. I argued with my cousin both about Dark Angel and Avatar, also by Cameron. He insisted that it was just entertainment. I didn’t know it at the time, but Cameron was on record as saying that he was using Avatar to make a statement about the war in Iraq. I don’t find it entertaining when I’m being insulted.