Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s


An old article I had saved from a year ago, not sure if I posted it here or not.

Canada’s racism problem? It’s even worse than America’s.
**For a country so self-satisfied with its image of progressive tolerance, how is this not a national crisis? **

What bothers me most about Canada’s denial of such abuses, whether it’s race asbestos exporting, baby seal hunting which we engage in every year (and which America has wisely banned imports of products from this savage annual event), or the over 1000 of unsolved murders of Aboriginals (yes, that’s the number), is we have very few minorities of people of colour in positions of decision making in Canada. Whether this means mayors, senators, members of government or advisory roles. It defies logic that the best and brightest would only be from one narrow demographic and it hurts Canada’s ability to succeed and compete.

So when I have the debate with other Canadians when they explain to me that America is apparently a racist country I have to question more deeper about how they define racism. It’s far worse; as Ben Carson alluded to, to maintain someones status quo in the socio-economic status they were born into rather than simply calling someone a racial name in the heat of the moment. Canada’s system is akin to a caste system, even worse if you are easily identifiable as a minority. Our smug attitude will not serve us well in the long run. Rewarding based on the “old boys club” rather than allowing talent and ambition to dictate success.


Anybody who worries about “racism” as defined by words used deserves to be miserable, the only people that it is legal to be “racist” against in the United States and who have official government policies of racism established against them in the United States are White Males and Asians; take a wild guess which two groups also kick ass over all the others in life achievement.

Let the crybabies cry and let those who have a work ethic blow right past them so fast that the dust cloud turns to mud in their tears. shame and peer pressure is the best motivator I have seen in getting whiners to shut up and take responsibility for their own lives.

Those you coddle will never rise, every group we coddle in the United States is stuck in perpetual stagnation economically, morally and socially; those who truly care advocate cutting the cord and treating them like adults instead of encouraging their delusions of “victim-hood”.


There are thousands unsolved cases of dead Aboriginal women in Canada and that’s your response?

You don’t have to coddle and misrepresent racism that isn’t real racism, but when you have obvious incidents of it, you have to call it like it is, if it is systemic you have to call it like it is. The U.S system is different in that in America you can be born poor or of any race and overcome any barriers to be successful, it’s called the free market and every one of your candidates in both parties, espouse the belief that you should be allowed to use your God given talents to contribute and reach your potential. In Canada the campaigns revolve around what the government will do to improve your plot in life.


[quote=“shockedcanadian, post:3, topic:48531”]
There are thousands unsolved cases of dead Aboriginal women in Canada and that’s your response?
[/quote]Your thread is about racism in general. You mentioned that as one of a whole pile of things. Had he posted this in a thread titled “1,000 Aboriginals murdered in 2015, still unsolved” and that was all that was discussed, and he’d posted that, yeah, it would be pretty weird.


The bottom line, racism is more rampant in Canada. We have a history of rewarding citizens in well paid positions for nothing else than loyalty to the ruling class/and or the old British Crown. It has not allowed us to excel a nation, even while situated beside the largest consumer nation in the world, and with a free trade agreement to boot.

Agencies that have ignored particular communities have contributed to this damage. As was discussed on this forum, if there are problems in a community, it shouldn’t be ignored simply because of some bad apples who represent a problem to law enforcement.


[quote=“shockedcanadian, post:3, topic:48531”]
There are thousands unsolved cases of dead Aboriginal women in Canada and that’s your response?
[/quote]That is my response to the idiot author of that article who assigns “racism” as the cause for aboriginal poverty and their out-lander communities not keeping track of their people and why they die.

“Racism” is the fools answer for everything and the slam against us for how we “treat african americans” is more of the same idiocy. Show me where aboriginal’s who are integrated into other Canadian cities have a disproportionate rate of unsolved deaths than non aboriginals in the same city and MAYBE you would have an argument for “racism”; I say MAYBE because other demographic realities like participation in criminal activity could still demand another explanation.

If a white housewife is discovered dead in Los Angeles then we will likely find out why, a white prostitute being discovered dead in the same city will probably not garner the same level of investigation; this is not due to “racism” but the common knowledge that whores engage in a lifestyle that is not conducive to a long healthy life so more surface assumptions are made in such cases.

Shoot an black doctor and you will probably be caught, shoot a black gang banger in the same city and you will probably not be caught; doctor murders get investigated with far more zeal than scumbag murders because scumbags invite tragedy upon themselves.

Correlation does not equal causation and a difference in skin tone is not evidence of racism when there are far more reasonable and logical explanations for different outcomes.


[quote=“shockedcanadian, post:5, topic:48531”]
The bottom line, racism is more rampant in Canada. ** We have a history of rewarding citizens in well paid positions for nothing else than loyalty to the ruling class/**and or the old British Crown. It has not allowed us to excel a nation, even while situated beside the largest consumer nation in the world, and with a free trade agreement to boot.
[/quote]Sounds exactly like America. Nepotism is rampant everywhere.

Most rich people in Canada made their money, they didn’t inherit it. So, I see a similar dynamic.

Not entirely sure what that has to do with racism, though.


RET423 what you are suggesting is that some lives are worth more than others. Now, I can understand there being more interest by the public in regards to a high profile contributor in society, but police agencies should be blind to this. God doesn’t view one human being of more or less value than another, and in American society, justice is supposed to be blind, in Canada we don’t even protect our own Charter or Rights, while we point the finger at America as a “racist nation”. It’s not only absurd, but entirely inaccurate, even in your inner cities where tensions are high.

Yes, there may be different circumstances, but turning a blind eye to an entire community is wrong on so many levels and a derelict of duty. Furthermore, this racism transcends the aboriginals, we have one high profile mayor that I can think of that is a minority, in our entire country! That’s absurd. Especially considering how diverse Canada is, which might be the most diverse nation in the world. The reasons is that barriers to the entrance of so many has been prevalent since the dawn of our existence.


There are 5 candidates left in the race for President, exactly ONE believes that we should be able to decide our own destiny based on our own talents and motivations; the rest are ALL expounders of government protectionism and provision.

Our current President and both leaders in Congress absolutely oppose rugged individualism and self determination and they have been crippling our lives for years.

You know NOT of what you speak and what you are advocating for in your in your own Country will make all of these issues worse, not better; trying to guilt trip people into embracing a cradle to grave government tyranny by saying that those who oppose such buffoonery are “racist” is nothing more than admitting there is no argument for what you want to do.

Are the Aboriginals lobbying Canada for more government authority in their remote communities? I doubt it, just like our Indian Reservations do not have significant numbers of people who want government to come in and take them over “for their own good”.


[quote=“shockedcanadian, post:8, topic:48531”]
RET423 what you are suggesting is that some lives are worth more than others.
[/quote]They are. Anyone with even a sliver of common sense can immediately recognize this. If you’d like to suggest that the doctor digging the bullet out of the drive-by-shooting victim is worth no more than the person who put that bullet there in the first place, you are free to your opinion. And to the ridicule that opinion deserves.

[quote=“shockedcanadian, post:8, topic:48531”]
God doesn’t view one human being of more or less value than another,
[/quote]I take you’ve never actually read the Bible? God very specifically states that certain people’s lives are more important than others. That’s literally the entire premise of The Great Flood. God felt that %99.99999 of humanity was complete trash to the point where he killed everyone except for Noah and his family. Then there are the numerous occasions where God specifically sends the Israelites to go exterminate entire nations and says he is “against” them.

God also frequently shows favoritism to certain people, like Moses, Elijah, and David.


Yet they are RET, in fact, the Aboriginal community just received a massive $8.5B contribution to their education by our new government. They are active in politics and have become contention as times. I am not one who broadly suggests every issue is based on race, but there are obvious examples that cannot be overlooked with any level of honesty. one such example would be to systematically avoid investigating crimes to some acceptable level as demanded by a humane society,

I heard Cruz, Hillary and Kasich speak about talent and contribution in some form or another (yes, Clinton suggested this quite strongly about a month ago in one of her speeches). I imagine based on Trumps suggestions that he hires “smart people” that he believes the same even if he cannot verbalize it well. Maybe Sanders is the outlier, so I might be incorrect. Though some of them might speak about government spending and overextension in one form or another, they do also speak about contributions of the individual. Of course some are more Conservative than others and more adamant about the focus on the individual above the collective, I hope they succeed based on this premise.

Our systems aren’t the same on so many levels, but I am not going to excuse Canada or those affected for their lack of ability to change the system. The reason is simple; a lack of accountability coupled with a history of loyalist behaviour, such loyalist behaviour that we remained a satellite of the monarchy, where dependence is not overt but an underlying facet of the system. America was founded on separation, on the creation of a separate state due the abuse and unfair tactics from the “old country”. You fought for independence and developed a document declaring this, from the greatest military power of that time, Canada abided by an old system and to this day sends millions oversees in payments for the privilege. This mean our loyalties to far too many aren’t even for a local government, and they certainly aren’t to our largest trading partner as I have suggested on here before, this is especially true as it applies to your security…

It’s clear, and you should understand this drastic difference between us in the individual versus the collective. Racism and general prejudice play a major role in these difference. I have never begrudged the wealthy or the pursuit of wealth, I think the invisible hand is a vital force. As I have stated before, there is a reason you have people like Carson, Cruz and Rubio who were running for president even though they came from modest beginnings, this suggestion in Canada would be laughed at heartedly. It has never happened in modern times and probably will never happen.

I’ve stated it before on here, the “dream” in Canada is getting a government job with lifetime employment, benefits and a pension, in America the free market is where the successful go to contribute, compete and thrive. Absorb that sentence regarding a key difference in our systems for effect and consider the implications such a system embraces and produces.


No, I am saying that some deaths are worth more of an investigation than others. Law abiding taxpayers who are murdered are worth a great deal of investigation while murderers who are murdered are not worth much of an investigation.

No law enforcement agency has unlimited funds so those who create and pay for law enforcement and who obey the laws are going to get more attention than those who do not pay for law enforcement and who do not obey the laws.

Likewise, those who choose to live separatist lives in remote areas and also choose not to organize their society for themselves have no reasonable expectation that others far away will pay the bill to do it for them long distance.

The police don’t just sprout from the ground, police departments are created by citizens who proactively decide to create them and PAY FOR THEM because they collectively think that their laws are not being respected and their property/lives are not reasonably secure.

NO Community ever formed a police department because they were concerned about criminals harming one another in places that don’t effect their community, that is the fundamental genius of States Rates; the people decide for themselves how much policing they need, want and are willing to pay for.

We are not talking about the value of life, we are talking about how large a percentage of a limited law enforcement budget will be taken from the citizens who pay for it and spent on communities that choose NOT to integrate with society or assume any of the financial responsibility.

NOTHING about your situation has anything to do with “racism” that I can see and the only blatant elected racist in our government is Obama; and he is on the way out.

It is not “absurd”, what is absurd is expecting the citizens who create and pay for law enforcement to deprive themselves of those services so the criminal element who kill each other daily can all be thoroughly investigated; that is a prescription for the eradication of law enforcement because sooner or later the law abiding will refuse to stand for it.

WHO has “turned a blind eye”?
WHO chooses to live in remote areas and not integrate?
WHO chooses to not organize their own communities?
WHO chooses to not invest in their own posterity?

The only reason that what happens in these places is not noticed is because the people in these places choose to NOT be noticed, that is their God Given Right; nobody is obligated to force them to accept your definition of “assistance” and nobody is doing anything wrong by letting them live as they have chosen to live.

  1. You have not established that any “racism” exists regarding the aboriginals.
  2. You are applying the same fallacy to your politics by assuming that a lack of “minorities” in elected office must be due to “racism” as opposed to all the reasons that people use to decide their political affiliations.

What is “absurd” is trying to justify a political agenda by guilt tripping people into thinking they are racist if they don’t agree with you, if you could defend the things you want to do with compelling arguments you would not be using such a tactic.


Not guilt trip at all, justice. This is extremely important to any society. Some cases falling through the cracks are different than an epidemic. I agree we cannot address every crime, but there has been a disdain for the poor and underprivileged in our society, we don’t have the Carsons, Cruz’s or Rubios. They simply are never allowed to climb the ladder of success and most certainly not allowed into the inner city of the government.

As much as I don’t salivate over the UN, they have raised the Aboriginal issue as a Human Right violation. Furthermore; and this will certainly surprise you, Canada is the number one nation in the world in regards to UN Human Right complaint. A nation of 38 million or so, number one in the world. It defies logic. Yes, police need to apply their resources properly, you support my point in more ways than you can imagine.

I am not a tree hugger, I strongly support our oil industry and I believe in the free market, I am at least on par with the most stringent of supporters of the free market on this forum. This being said. I believe our exporting of asbestos (we are number one in the world in this regard) to poor nations and our baby seal clubbing atrocities are abhorrent. I have been the victim of racism, and I believe it is often overplayed by far too many, I don’t want you to confuse those types with me.

As Bill O’Reilly I think correctly assessed when speaking to Ben Carson, “the left doesn’t like you because you go against the very narrative they have about race being something the Right holds back”. I agree that some wrongfully accuse Conservatives of persecution while they (socialists, radical left wingers) adopt a “Canadian system” of government dependence which maintains a level of basic substanance ensuring they never fulfill their potential, are met with state interference while it is in fact Conservative ideals of individualism, liberty and economic concepts that allows them to pursue happiness.

I am going to be blunt, the advent of anti-Americanism in Canada is high and it bothers me personally. As an American I get that you don’t understand, there was a joke by an American comedian recently who told a Canadian crowd “do you want to know what we really think about you? Umm, well I’ll be honest, you don’t really come up all that often”. Some of the original founders of this site who are Canadian might be able to expand on this fact, there is a disgusting belief by some that Americans are racist, gun loving crazies, and somehow Canadians are benevolent more adjusted citizens. It’s an insult to those of us who want to see improved opportunity for all based on basic, natural premises.


I don’t know all the facts, to be sure, but just because the UN names Canada as the worst human rights offender doesn’t mean it is so. In fact, I would find it suspect. The UN removed the US from the Human Rights committee, and - if I remember right - made Libya - a huge offender - the top leader of that committee.


Well the numbers I was referring to aren’t initiated by the UN, they are in regards to Canadian citizens contacting the UN to file a complaint due to a Human Right violation which they have incurred.


It may simply mean that Canadians have more faith in the UN to redress their grievances than Americans.


No. It’s that Canadians have more faith in the UN to redress their grievances than they do Canada.


Or it means your citizens are more sensitive to what they perceive as a human rights violations, of which American’s would probably ignore at this current juncture. But hey, it’s not like we treat Native American’s that great either sooo…


No. Canada is a clear serial abuser of Human Rights. Not only in domestic abuses, but also underhanded tactics against our allies. Some of this information I have shared on this forum.


I would LOVE to have the deal that we give Native Americans, they have sovereignty on the reservation so they can start any business they like, build whatever they want to build on their land, have no regulatory alphabet agencies breathing down their necks or demanding constant “licensing fees”, can market whatever they want to sell to anyone without charging sales tax, they pay no Property Tax, they get basic health care insurance provided by the Federal Government and they live secure without the expense of a military.

The American Indians are the only “Free people” left in the United States, the rest of us are slaves to the State and live under the barrel of a government gun from cradle to grave.

Now, that does not mean that most tribes utilize this freedom; they have been “kept men” for generations due to government welfare handouts so most stare blankly at me when I say this to them (I live next to a Reservation and know many in the Tribe).

But they have the Liberty to prosper and they have access to low interest/easy qualify government loans to fund any enterprise they can dream up; I would LOVE to have these opportunities for myself and my family since most of my headaches emanate from government bureaucracy’s as opposed to the nature of business competition.

If someone would just teach Capitalism in the Reservation schools they would be the American version of Hong Kong.