Canada’s steep job losses another blow to struggling economy



Take note my American friends, this is what crony Capitalism does to your economy. The biggest loser by far was Ontario, the same jurisdiction that is the most indebted sub borrower int he world. They make California look like a model of fiscal responsibility. I kid you not.

A low dollar which isn’t encouraging foreign business investment when it should be. Low price of oil which hurts the economy in the West. An unaccountable and disinterested security apparatus which is firmly concerned with personal gain at the expense of the rest of the country while not enforcing the most basic laws involving bribery, cronyism theft and government “redistribution” of tax dollars to government selected businesses, pals and family members.

I strongly advise if you or someone you know is in business, don’t consider opening up shop in Canada unless you are going to be sending over your existing staff and in particular your own human resources department. The cost of doing business is excessive, the red tape immense. What I often refer to as “the bridge” in which gatekeepers are manning. Government entities regulating and controlling the market place, and constantly putting good money on bad businesses (never their own) while discouraging innovation and entrepreneurial ambitions.

There is one kind of capitalism, free market capitalism. All other forms are doomed to be inefficient, run up debt to fund existing initiatives (thus harming future generations), and ultimately, fail. If you know anyone who thinks different, have them contact me.


There are certain rules that one should follow to be successful both personally & in business. I’m starting to believe that there is also an unwritten rule that applies to all governments. That is that after a while they will become to big & up for sale. Every new thought or concept seems to require a new department in government. For every honest official there seems to be 3 or 4 that are willing to sell out. And the longer someone is in office & they higher they go it just seems that that number goes up (in a bad way). Kind of a shame but I don’t see a way to change it. Electing better officials doesn’t work because they change to become just like the rest.


In order to fix things here in the US 3 key things must happen (not in order):

  1. . Put an end to career politicians. Now this is far easier than most think, everyone falls into the “term limit” trap which is exactly why we don’t have term limits. Because no one can agree on term limits so it will never happen. The fix: No elected official can retire or leave office with pay and or benefits. Now the tables have changed, stay 30 years and you walk out the door with no pay, no benefits.

  2. . Govt workers have no right to collective bargaining, NO UNIONS! You work for the taxpayer

  3. . And this may be the most important: You and your family on both sides will be audited by the IRS every year you are in office and for 10 years after you leave office. I call this the Joe Biden law. Biden loves to brag about how poor he is, living in the same house all these years. Well he is right, kinda, sorta, what he has done is funnel money and deals to his family over his years. Joe, maybe not worth so much, but his contacts have made his immediate family RICH…


I do not remember the many times I have heard a politician claim they support term limits only to run again.


My former Congressman, J.C. Watts, Jr., promised to serve no more than 3 2-year terms. He kept his word.


Reasonable ideas. The kind that would cause you trouble in Canada, just my opinion of accountable, responsible government that should be supporting the economy not “creating” the economy, has caused me trouble…

There was a Conservative minister, John Baird, who left politics. I never liked his demeanor, was cut in the Chris Christie mold, always barking and had an ornery disposition. He did earn a level of respect from me when he left politics however, stating, “political life shouldn’t be a lifetime job”. Who knows if he has used his influence in his post federal political life, but, he hit the nail on the head regarding politics in this country.