Canada sheds 35,700 jobs in November, unemployment rate up to 7.1%


Canada sheds 35,700 jobs in November, unemployment rate up to 7.1% - Business - CBC News

Keep your eye on this, it will be a continuing trend until we learn that capitalism, free markets and civil liberties, trumps socialism. We lost 35,000 jobs in November, America gained 210,000 in the same period.


Don’t be to quick to accept figures out of Washington. They are not real good with math. Remember how we were going to save money on premiums for obamacare. There are any number of examples how we were told we would save money or taxes would not go up.

obama probably lies on his golf score as well.


I have read some of the reports shedding light on the situation. You aren’t socialist yet, so there is hope that business leaders and innovators will drive the economy. The U.S job number recovery have dwarfed ours for a decade and will continue in the same vein for the foreseeable future. This, while Canada has a dollar 25% discounted to the Greenback.


Canada just elected a Communist to the PM office. They will regret it as much or more than we regret 0bama.


If he holds the government to account and transparency I and many other Conservatives can accept some debt. Communism is far too strong a word for him, though Canada’s system could use an expansion of economic and social freedoms. His position on TPP is still unknown, this will define him and his economic positions as far as I am concerned.


As far as I’m aware a good amount of the decline in Canadian economic output was due to the substantial drop in oil prices (and other commodities).


ShockedCanadian; American jobs numbers as weekly published are pure bootspittle (as someone here likes to use the phrase) if one looks at December numbers or late November numbers they become inflated because of part-time retail sales people. The rest of the year it never incorporates the labor pool that went off the unemployment rolls. The Fed inflates the numbers they publish and a week or two later republish numbers closer to the truth on the back page. This administration has lied to the American people more than a used car salesman.