Canadian educator distances Islamic school from San Bernardino attack


Seems one of these terrorists had attended a controversial Islamic school just outside Toronto. This school had been in the news before for accusations of radicalization, as had a mosque in Calgary which one of the Canadian terrorist in Ottawa had attended. Both still going strong it seems.

I am sure with such information the Canadian security apparatus would have warned our allies about potential dangers. Unless of course, they were spending their time on more pressing security threats…

Mississauga educator distances Islamic school from San Bernardino attack | Toron

A controversial Mississauga Islamic educator is defending her school after one of the San Bernardino killers was revealed to be a former student.

Farhat Mashmi, who runs the Al-Huda Institute of Canada an Islamic school in Mississauga, issued a statement on her website Monday distancing herself from Tashfeen Malik. The controversial scholar acknowledged that Malik studied at Al-Huda’s branch in Multan, Pakistan branch for two years starting in 2013 and left without completing a diploma.

“It seems that she was unable to understand the beautiful message of the Qur’an,” the statement says. “We cannot be held responsible for personal acts of any of our students.”

Of course a school cannot be held responsible for the actions of its students. as long as they were not promoting hatred and radicalizing. I hope the FBI demand a joint investigation into this school, what it promotes and what the police knew or didn’t know. Who was the main benefactor of this school, the instructors etc.