Canadian election

With all of the domestic political drama going on this week focusing on such earthshaking issues such as “lynching”, “build a wall in Colorado” and “GOP crashes the impeachment party” many of us have not been paying attention to Canada. In Monday’s election, Trudeau’s Liberals lost a majority and will likely form a government with the help of the Greens. Fun facts:

  1. The Liberals lost every seat in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  2. Alberta and Saskatchewan provide the bulk of the funding of the Canadian federal government.

  3. Alberta and Saskatchewan will come under increased burden by the suicidal EnviroNazis adding to the financial pressure they are feeling from low oil prices.

  4. Paths to secession have been approved by both the Canadian parliament and the Canadian Supreme Court.

Alberta has the means and motive to destroy Canada. Washington has the means and motive to destroy Canada. And the likely format of the new Trudeau government is providing the opportunity.

This excellent article lays out all the details.

Well, after probably dozens of instances of applying blackface, Trudeau finally got his fondest wish…he’s a minority!

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many unhappy Canadians. They were so hoping to see ‘Little Potato’ gone.

I think they’re going to have to suffer through the eight years of hell as we in the US did.

I’m not going to say it’s going to happen but the secession efforts in Alberta are much more real than those in Texas and California. I believe that current support is about 25%. These election results can only push that up a bit.

I fail to see how any of that works out in America’s interests…? What do we gain from a fragmenting and unstable neighbor across the longest unfriended border in the world And what would/could we lose? I

If California wanted to leave the union and become a mecca for socialists to form their “perfect state,” I am all for it. You can’t reason or compromise with these people. They won’t accept the results of an election. If they lose, they think that they have a moral right to have won and won’t accept the result. they will do all they can to make life hell for the public officials who did win.

The difference between the parties is that the Democrats are out to force everyone to live under their system. You can’t opt out of it. As a Republican I have no problem with you forming a commune or taking over a few states and turning them into the “paradise” that you think you are going to get. Just don’t send us the bill when your economy collapses. You have to be like the people of Venezuela and live in the hell that you have created.

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One or two more Red States, natural resources. Everything has a downside but I can’t think of any offhand.