Canadian police...take down storm trooper on Star WArs Day

What a load of freakin’ idiots.

See video at link.


Oh good grief! Were these cops born yesterday? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

This is what happens to a police force, a nation under leftist control. We’re there in many respects…arresting children for toasterPop guns.

People like these cops are dangerous.

I have read that little kids who point their index finger and use their thumbs like the hammer of gun have been sent home from kindergarten for “aggressive behavior.” This only shows how PC the system has become under these leftist lunatics.

When I was in kindergarten you could not bring toy guns to school, but I do remember one day when cowboy guns were allowed. I remember the teacher tired to have us twirl them. I dropped my on the concrete and broke the plastic handle, LOL.

This was in 1955. How times have changed! If a 5 year old kid brought a toy cowboy gun school today, if you can still buy such thing, he’d probably end up in jail or juvenile detention.

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You’re probably right, Send. When I was in HS in the 50’s, students would bring REAL guns to school in the Fall so they could hunt rabbits on their way home. Indiana had, at that time, a closed season on cottontail rabbits, running from November through December. Something to do with tularemia, I believe and how it wasn’t a danger after the first freeze.

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Indeed. And they endanger the lives of police officers too. Because many who learn of this will increase their opinion that police are stupid and not to be trusted. And that’ll hamper legitimate police efforts to find and arrest real criminals.

Imagine if one of those officers had been brave enough to walk up to that little girl and ask to inspect her plastic gun. The whole fiasco would have been averted.