Cancel Pastor Chris Hodges? Church of the Highlands faces social media firestorm

I posted this for more than one reason.

  1. It was time for a ‘vanity’ post!

  2. Because of the blatant hypocrisy!
    (Lots of so called Christians attacking the pastor simply because he “liked” Charlie Kirk, a Trump supporter)

  3. I had No Idea that my favorite character on NCIS New Orleans, Lucas Black, (LaSalle) is a Christian, supports our police and military and doesn’t seem to GAD what Hollywood or the ‘social media’ think about his support of the pastor!

  4. Am I the only person on earth who didn’t know that Black was that little kid in Sling Blade?

Amazing to think that Black has come from playing Frank Wheatley, the “boy” in Sling Blade to the Fast and Furious franchise to NCIS and Survived!

His twitter account is full of scripture and … fishing videos! 8)
(Link Below)

Nope. I knew it the first time I heard him talk!


Heck, the only one that had a voice that stood out for me was Billy Bob Thorton’s … “Karl Childers”!

I still can’t see how he was able to transform himself so completely!?

A lot heavier and … That Voice! LOL

I saw Sling Blade several times trying to understand the PURPOSE of the story. It’s sort of like “Citizen Kane” which I’ve watched at least 10 times trying to figure out why everyone says it’s the greatest movie ever made.

I think the purpose was to show that even the mentally impaired can have a sense of right and wrong and act on it.