Cancer-stricken Rush Limbaugh says he can no longer deny he's 'under a death sentence

My heart and prayers go out to Rush!

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Sad. I used to listen to him daily and watch his TV show, but over the last 10 years I just lost interest. I didn’t know he smoked. I knew he liked to chomp on those cigars, but I thought cigars aren’t supposed to be inhaled. Well, I guess I’ll have to keep him in my prayers. I hope he’s got a very supporting family. My mother died from the same thing in 1991. She just couldn’t quit smoking.

Smoking can catch up to you years later. The late Leonard Nimoy had the same experience.

My mom quit smoking, and she never had a problem with that. Smoking killed my aunt. She could never quit.

My mother-in-law was a heavy smoker (Marlboros). Poor thing lived to be 92 years old!

I think Hubie Blake was a cigarette smoker all of his life and lived to be almost 100. Different things effect people in different ways. Genetics have a lot to do with it.

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I’ve been amazed at how many FORMER smokers wind up with lung cancer. I smoked for 52 years before quitting, more or less abruptly, though I still vape but have cut my nicotine content down to almost none. It’s the ritual that I missed the most…the handling the cigs, lighting them, blowing smoke, etc. One of my prized possessions is the zippo lighter my daughter had engraved and gave to me when she was just 14.


So then, smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer, right, you have to have an underlying genetic condition? Anyone that dies of lung cancer that was a smoker was going to die of lung cancer anyway, proably at the same time?

I never said that. Of course smoking has a lot to do with lung cancer, but some people seem to be able to smoke for a long period of time and not get it while others come down with it fairly quickly.

My mother smoked for probably 40 years, (I don’t know when she started.) quit after a doctor told her she was wasting her money coming to him and died at 93. Her sister probably stated at about the same age, never quit and died of lung cancer in her mid 70s.

The only history of ANY sort of cancer in my family–and my parents BOTH smoked–was my sister having to have radical mastectomies due to breast cancer. She has COPD from smoking, but just turned 77 and is otherwise fairly healthy. To my understanding, no one else in my family for at least 4 generations back ever had cancer of any sort, although my paternal grandfather convinced himself he did and committed suicide rather than face it. He actually had emphysema according to the autopsy. When my sister had her first mastectomy and they removed her right breast, I happened to be in Louisville on business and was there when she came out of surgery along with her husband. I told her not to worry because I’d gotten her a part-time job at Hooters. She cussed me out for making her laugh.


If I’d taken my doctor’s advice and quit smoking when he advised me to, I wouldn’t have lived to go to his funeral.
– George Burns

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Well, of course I’m using what you’ve said to argue against Dave and RET promoting the idea that people don’t die of COVID, rather they die of some underlying condition.

Honestly I can’t remember if that’s your position. But you do understand right?

I mean, if you’re correct (and clearly, in this case, you are) and people’s underlying health or genetics determines whether or not they die as the result of disease yet you still recognize that smoking is the cause of lung cancer.

I mean, using Dave and RET’s logic, people don’t die from smoking, rather underlying genetic factors.

See how dumb it sounds when you say it that way?

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Or you could just say “I am lying again”

Or did you think that Straw Man would cover up that you got caught lying about Covid-19 deaths :thinking::rofl:

Except that debate was not about underlying conditions, it was about PRE-EXISTING conditions; both you and Gene tried to lie by saying the conditions were CAUSED by Covid-19.

But as usual, the facts exposed you as a liar :rofl:



I’ll let Gene speak for himself, but I never said “conditions were caused by COVID-19”. Consider yourself challenged to quote anything I’ve written that says that. Failure to do so and I’ll move on and assume you conceded that you’re, at best, misremembering what I wrote, at worst you aren’t being truthful…Again.

I said 200,000+ people have died as a result of catching the COVID virus, not that the virus caused the underlying condition.

Again, this is NO DIFFERENT than saying that lung cancer isn’t the result of smoking, rather it’s an underlying condition related to a persons individual genes.

It is true that your genes play a role and some people can smoke their whole lives and not get cancer, which proves that genes are a factor, but, even though that’s true, no one is dumb enough to say that bad genes caused that person to die of lung cancer rather than a lifetime of smoking.

Don’t smoke and you won’t get lung cancer related to smoking because your genetics don’t protect you. Don’t get COVID won’t die as a result of an underlying condition.

COVID is the reason 200,000+ people are dying, regardless of how it happens.

It’s like saying, jumping off a tall building won’t kill you, it’s the sudden stop at the end. :roll_eyes:


I don’t remember Dave saying that smoking is THE CAUSE of lung cancer, 10 percent of annual lung cancer patients were not smokers and less than 10 percent of smokers develop lung cancer.

The coating of tar that forms on the lungs of smokers is believed to be a major contributor in the bodies cells determining that the lungs are a foreign enemy that needs to be attacked, but all cancer is a case of confused cells making a determination that some part of the body which is necessary needs to be eradicated; even people with outstanding health habits in every way have their cells turn cancerous.

In fact life insurance companies place a higher priority on your families historic longevity than they do on any of the specific habits or even the obesity of a client when determining their rates; genetics is probably the single most relevant factor in whether a person will get cancer some day.

I was saying it about some conditions. The claim “they didn’t die of covid they died of respiratory failure” or pneumonia just because that’s what’s printed on the death certificate is one I see too often. Like, c’mon guys.

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Wrong, jumping off the building caused the “sudden stop”, everyone who jumps will die that same way.

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that the vast majority of humans immune systems can defeat with relative ease compared to the annual flu; the only exceptions are those with 2.6 OTHER pre-existing conditions that amplify the symptoms and slow the bodies ability to fight it off in time.

Your analogy is bogus, a proper analogy to your argument would be saying “a paraplegic drowned in the lake so nobody can go swimming again” :grin:

No, you ignored the data and made the claim that it was “misleading” when it was absolutely NOT misleading, Covid-19 CAUSING a respiratory failure WAS counted in the 11000 deaths; patients who ALREADY HAD a respiratory illness AND 1.6 OTHER pre-existing conditions AND were an average age of 78 made up the other 94 percent of the deaths.

What the actual ****…? Nothing at all even remotely resembling that was said.

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Let me see if I can explain this to you.

When a person gets COVID and dies. Did they die as the result of COVID, or was there an underlying condition that caused the person in question to die, and if yes, then the question is, did that person die from COVID or a condition that they had prior?

This of course matters when determining how many people have died as a result of COVID.

Have 200+ thousand people died because they contracted COVID?

Or is it just 11,000 and no big deal as RET would have us all believe?

The fact is, most of the people that contracted COVID and died of their underlying condition may have lived for years, maybe even decades if they hadn’t caught COVID.

It’s like a man that can’t walk that get’s trapped in a burning building, a building he could have escaped if only he could have walked, and concluding that the cause of death was his inability to walk.

Thus, the question is, if the 75-year old that catches COVID and ends up with pneumonia and dies, as a result, did he die of pneumonia or COVID?

Well, you’d have to believe that he would have come down with pneumonia regardless of whether he caught COVID or not.

Otherwise, COVID caused his pneumonia, and pneumonia ultimately killed him, thus the cause of death is called co-morbidity, where there is a precipitating cause and a resulting cause. But no matter how you slice it, COVID begins the chain of events that lead to the person’s death. Otherwise, that person could have lived another 10 years, maybe more.