Can't logout . .

Your “guess” was right!

'Sperimenting with different configs (which I never had done), and so far everything is working.

Looks like you have solved this problem.

Is why I always bug you for “guesses” . . . they always work.

Thanks again.

(BTW, I’m enjoying that Tesla stuff of yours. It’s been said by either you or PD {both prolly} that those two are buying into all the “manuals”, owner videos, Tesla engineer claims, etc. that clearly are BS . . . I think you call it, “the cult of Musk”.

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house . . .

Musk is a grand confidence man and has taken in AS and CSB. Says something about their intelligence and it ain’t complimentary.

Anyway, your posts there are, as they always are, good reads).

Great news on the browser problem! I know how frustrating it is when the basic stuff is not working as it should. I am probably wasting too much time on the cult in the other thread but it is still fun waiting for their next “technical claim” to drop :rofl:

Congratulations on helping Bob, while the owner is still missing in action.