Can't Stop Losing

Lottery Winner Can’t Stop Losing

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"…(July 9) – For all his multimillion-dollar lottery winnings, Jack Whittaker can’t seem to do anything but lose.

The man who landed a $315 million jackpot on Christmas Day seven years ago has since lost his wife to divorce, his granddaughter to drugs and now his daughter, found dead in her West Virginia home on July 5, according to the Charleston Daily Mail…"

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Winning what was then the nation’s largest lottery payout in 2002 proved to be the start of Jack Whittaker’s problems. Whittaker, left, lost his granddaughter Brandi Bragg, right, to a drug overdose in 2004. She was 17. His wife filed for divorce. And on July 5, his daughter, Brandi’s mother, Ginger Whittaker Bragg, was found dead in her home.


“…Whittaker has also been arrested on charges of driving drunk, lost more than $500,000 in cash to thieves and settled with the parents of a teenage friend of his granddaughter’s who died at his house from a drug overdose.
A surprising number of other lottery winners share his pain.
According to a health study reported this week in London’s Daily Mail, winners smoked and drank far more two years after winning then they did before, countering the notion that more money means better health. The paper cites the tragedy of Phil Kitchen, a jobless carpenter who won big in 1999, turned to binge drinking and died three years later, at age 58, of self-neglect…”

Jackpot Winner Whittaker

This is sad. But this should tell you about the type of people who gamble - as a resident of NV, I’ve seen this firsthand.

A surprising number of other lottery winners share his pain.

Because people who play the lottery are stupid and can’t handle their life properly.

Come to think of it, the fact that so many people who win the lottery go broke again is a good way to prove that poor people are poor because they aren’t bright as compared to the Democrats view that rich people are just lucky.

I knew of a guy who won a 6 Million lotto down here and was broke and asking for loans 3 years after winning.

I’ve heard of stories like that. People don’t realize that a million dollars isn’t infinite dollars. You probably know more about this than I do, but as I understand it, but instead of going on an unfettered buying spree if you get a ton of money like that, you should just take care of basic needs (paying off the house and car) and maybe splurging a little, and otherwise, just live within the interest or stock profits or whatever. Decide on a minimum principle and don’t draw on it.

I remember my first year in the Navy when I was going to school at NAS Memphis. I had a lot more money than I’d ever had before, and I found it was easy to go through it like water. I’d come to a point where I wanted to buy something, and I’d look in my wallet and find little left. I’d be like, “No way I went through my whole paycheck!” I’d start adding up what I’d spent, and be like yeah, there was that, that and that, but still- oh, and there was that. But that still should have left over- oh wait, there was also that. But- oh crap, I forgot about that and that, too. That would account for it. Holy smoke… :Thud:

Someone finally photographed the pot at the end of the rainbow :rofl:

For the younger pilgrims, the context is: There was an old fairy tale about a “Pot of Gold” being at the end of the rainbow.

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