Cape Cod Community Considering Removing $10 Million Wind Turbines


Cape Cod Community Considering Removing $10 Million Wind Turbines
by William Bigelow

27 Feb 2013, 7:07 AM PDT

Two wind turbines that were built on Cape Cod are now being considered for removal because local residents are getting sick from their impact on the environment.

In the community of Falmouth, residents are complaining of headaches, dizziness, and sleep deprivation. Falmouth resident Neil Andersen said, “It gets to be jet-engine loud. Every time the blade has a downward motion it gives off a tremendous energy, gives off a pulse. And that pulse, it gets into your tubular organs, chest cavity, mimics a heartbeat, gives you headaches. It’s extremely disturbing and it gets to the point where you have to leave.”

The price for the turbines was $10 million; removing them will cost an estimated $5 - $15 million, but Falmouth’s five selectmen have decided to go ahead with the project. As Selectman David Braga said, “The selectmen unanimously voted to remove them. We think it’s the right thing to do, absolutely. You can’t put a monetary value on people’s health and that’s what’s happened here. A lot of people are sick because of these.”

The pic at the top of this article is not one of the turbines that may be removed. It’s basically a pictorial way of saying, “***FAIL!***” Had not heard of this problem with windmills: if they have to be located at some significant distance from humans that further limits their marginal usefulness (ignoring the impact on The Environment … I wonder if some Enviros have been advocating wind power, knowing of this problem and intending to use it to shut it down once nations build and depend on them). The ones I’ve seen heretofore have been in rural areas, well away from cities or towns.

Anyway, this little PC Adventure looks ready to cost the taxpayers of Falmouth, MA $20M, for which they will get nothing, if that much.