Capitalism does NOT work.


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If there was only 1 shoe store and one shoe manufacturer then your “analogy” might not be so imbecilic. It is competition that determines prices regardless of the sellers “interest” in selling it for more.

Capitalism creates competition
Competition creates efficiency
Efficiency creates wealth

Capitalism is the only economic concept with a 100 percent success rate at elevating ALL people of ALL economic classes, the only areas where we have “failure” are the areas where the government interferes and removes the inherent checks and balances of Capitalism in a segment of the market.


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Sorry. He may just be here to lecture and not debate. At any rate, it was a poor way to say hello.


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Define “work”.


Perhaps blocking out the other commie trolls would make this a better sirte.


I would actually like debate opposition, provided it focused on policy matters on not name calling.

And no gay thread.s


THe ones that are here are not interested in debate. They are here to anger people and troll.




Since it’s obvious that you enjoy socialism and being told what to think, say, believe, ect… may I suggest you leave and go to a country that embraces your pathetic ideals and philosophies.

And since you do not believe in Capitalism, why not put your money where your mouth is and give all your money and posessions away. That’s what your idols Karl Marx and Vladmir Lenin would tell you

You are not a part of the problem in America… you ARE the problem


Capitalism does NOT work.
… Except when compared to everything else.


The Soviet Union is the shining example of this, they definitely changed the world for the better and made all of the inventions we now take for granted.

Oh, wait, that was western CAPITALISM.


Please don’t don’t do that, you are taking all the fun out it.

There is a bunch of folks on here that will turn this boy in mincemeat if he is even half-azz serious. That said for post #1 this fellow is for sure a Taco short on that #3 order…and this is not a good play ground for him.

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Yep, LibTard stuck his head in the door and it got slammed on him…

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