“Capitalism is killing us” A message on a Philadelphia, PA banner

Here if Florida, Democrat Party leaders are blaming their loss to Trump partially on Latino voters who perceived that the Democrats are a socialists like the ruling parties they fled in South America. The Democrats claim that is an unfair characterization.

Yet, this morning Fox News covered a Democrat protest over the objections to vote the counting process in Philadelphia. They were carrying a black sigh with white lettering at the head of their protest march which read in bold letters, “Capitalism is killing us.”

This begs the question. Who is painting the Democrats as socialists? It looks like they are doing it themselves.


BLM is explicitly socialist. Much of their leadership is communist, and is (again) quite open about this. Biden is to the Right of Trump on free trade, and letting American manufacturing whither and die. Biden is basically AS on the topics of American jobs, and trade with China.

Biden basically tied Trump despite 24/7 onslaught against Trump for five solid years. That’s because Biden’s neoliberalism is hollow. It appeals to almost no one, because it doesn’t suit anyone outside of Washington lobbyists and their sponsors.

Republicans aren’t going to grow stronger without Trump. Trump was the force lifting them up. When Mitch proceeds to legislate as a variation of Biden, but with different rhetoric, nothing is going to get better.

Just like the Democratic party, the Republican party has been headed in the wrong direction for decades. Trump was the only one who could turn that around. Now we just slide that much deeper into the Uniparty of Goldman Sacs/Raytheon.

Some Republicans should be happy under Biden though. He’ll sell out American interests to the highest bidder and start a new war, just like Bush. Biden is basically Bush’s third term, which is why Bush endorsed him.

But yeah, let’s go full bore on R vs D. R good, D bad. I sure hope Mike Pence runs in 2024! He’ll destroy the Democrat candidate!

He won’t. Like all good candidates, he doesn’t want the job.

An hour after Biden takes the oath of office, President Trump should announce his candidacy for the Presidency in 2024 and campaign accordingly for the next 4 years!

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Ooh, I hope he does. No way the Republicans let him run on the ticket again. It’ll be a nice way to split the R vote in 2024

I hope you have a job lined up with the Federal Government, @Gene. because that’s going to be about the only place that is going pay you a decent wage after your political candidates get done with the economy. I have two nephews like you. They are socialists and both have college degrees. Neither can get work in their majors. One is working in a grocery store, and the other one is working retail. Both are living home with their parents, who are near retirement age. When you are older than 25, the time has come to move out on your own and become an adult.

Unless 2020 is forced into honesty, Trump will run in 2024

Biden will never take the oath of office, he would have to live at least 4 more years to try again :wink:

What has that to do with January 20, 2021???

Biden will not take the oath on January 2021
By then the fraud will have been proved and the counts corrected to represent the laws in the 6 States under scrutiny now.

So 2024 will be the next possible option for Biden to take an oath of office :sweat_smile:

Except I work in manufacturing. It’s literally in the title of what I do, so… :speak_no_evil:

As it stands, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have all been far more exposed to cheap labor in China than us.

How come manufacturing didn’t die in those places Cwolf? How come it grew, even as China itself grew?

Can you even explain that to yourself?

Ivanka? We’ll see.
Aside from Hawley, Republicans have a pretty thin bench. Harris sucks, but it’s not like the national Republican Party is teeming with talent. As it stands it will probably be Pence vs Harris match up which… who knows. Harris/Biden will likely run the economy into pure stagnation, so he’ll have a decent opportunity despite having the charisma of a saltine.

“Stagnation” might be the polite term for what a Biden economy will look like. Why does he need a $4 trillion dollar tax increase in the middle of a pandemic induced recession?

Does he think he is “going to fix the deficit? To paraphrase another Democrat, “It’s the spending, stupid.” The Federal Government will continue to post deficits as long as it keeps spending money it does not have. Both parties are guilty.

What does a $4 trillion dollar tax increase do? It sucks more money to Washington, and it gets back at people who are successful. This is the real reason for Biden’s tax increase proposal. It’s the “fairness issue.” It doesn’t make the lives of the lower classes better. In fact it makes them worse because the people who would be hiring them and paying their wages will have less.

BUT they feel good about the fact that “Biden got back at those rich suckers with their fancy houses and helicopter pads.” Yea, old Joe got ‘em. I’m not any better off, but put the bite on them. Raugh!

If this election is allowed to be stolen there will never be another Republican President, they will simply refine and perfect the fraud they used this year so it won’t matter who the candidate is.

But that will not happen, the potential whistle blowers are starting to get nervous.

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Capitalism can kill us into whatever anyone would like us to be dead into. Of course we are not more popular than any president when we think what is important to that person when they run for president. Oh, wait, we’re free people and we have power, we can fight any idea - no matter how unpopular it is.

We will not be a “free people” when AOC and the squad, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Democrat cattle in Congress who will obey them take over. They will dictate what you do for the rest of your life.

I don’t understand why people want so much power, but that is the nature of the left. If you have read Ayn Rand’s “We the People” or “The Fountain Head” you will start to understand why. Some people get off on controlling other people, and oddly enough the worst of them, like Hitler and Stalin, gathered followings in their time for reason that I cannot comprehend.