Care to go on offense? Let’s see what the resident liberal has to say about this?

Joe Biden an the rest of the Democrats have pledged to give free health care to illegal aliens. Would @csbrown28 care to come here and defend that position given that it threatens to bankrupt the Medicare and Medicade systems?


I think if the lefties are so concerned about illegals getting health care, he should rally his brother lefties and sister lefties to pay for the health care for them.




Why do you need a link? “Will your support free health care for illegal aliens?” That question was posed at one of the Democrat debates. Every hand, including Biden’s, went up.

Nancy Pelosi has included funding for medical care for illegals in the $2.6 trillion House bill which includes relief for Corona Virus effected Americans. The Democrats have supported this repeatedly. This is why nothing can be done for individuals and small businesses that really need help.

Do you not know the issues that your party advocates? You are not that poorly informed. You just come here to mess with us, which why your participation here is a waste of everyone’s time. You can’t be honest and defend your party’s radical positions. You deny that your party as advocated them, or you play stupid.

Answer the question. Why should Americans foot the bill for giving health care to illegal aliens?

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I want to know the context of what you’re asking.

You keep making claims about what others have said. Show me.

So let’s see where this nugget of stupidity started…Was it here?

I’m asking…

See folks, @csbrown28 won’t debate the issue one on one. He play games games like this.

There are better things to do that spend hours trying to debate a cowardly liberal who plays games.

Open borders and free health care. There is a formula to bankrupt country and make all Americans, except the super wealthy, poorer.

Nice dodge, I asked a simple question and you dodge it. That’s why I asked you for a link because I knew you’d shift the goal post.

Nice try though.

You are a worthless troll, and I have outed you. You just lost the debate on this issue because you conceded without at fight.

I see that TrumpTrain wore off on you.

Kinda sad.

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This is the most pathetic performance you have ever put on here. You can’t defend your party’s position, which is at the core of its values.

Sad, but it shows that you have become mentally bankrupt, like Biden. But then again, you aren’t really voting for him anyway.

Look, I asked you a legit question about your question. I’m not deflecting, I want to know what you’re talking about. So I did you work for you and found a 30 sec clip of what I think you are referring too. If it is, then I know we’re talking about the same thing. If it’s not, then I need to figure out what you’re talking about.

It’s really simple. No idea what you’re going on about and it feels like you just want to call me names and stop off. That’s you’re call, but everyone here can see I asked you a legit question.

So, is the clip what you are refer to when you say that Dems support free healthcare for everyone?

I asked you a simple question about an issue your party has posed for months, and you respond like this. Debating you is a waste of time because you won’t even acknowledge the issue.

Just go away. You are a waste of time. If I could turn you off on this site, I would. You are pathetic.

One of the truly sensationally, really good things that President Trump has accomplished is southern border protection. More than half of the wall is already built and he convinced Mexico to use their army to protect the remainder while we finish it. So this issue is rapidly becoming moot.

Has there been any news of illegals entering the US recently?

There was a story in the news yesterday that the Honduras Army turned back a caravan of migrants who were headed here. The immediate reason given was the virus, but Trump has been negotiating with South American countries over issue, which has helped stem the flow.

All the work he has done will disappear if the Democrats take control. They will use these new voters to solidify their majority.

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I asked if that debate is where you got that, if not, put up or shut up. Show me that the Democratic Party supports free healthcare for illegals.

Okay. I won that point by default. You can’t defend the position, so you chose not to respond.

At any rate if you thought that giving illegal aliens free health card you would defend it. You aren’t defending it so you must disagree with you party.

Here is a link from the Washington Post that says that Biden does favor health care for “undocumented immigrants.”

Health Care for illegal aliens.

And FINNALLY, we get to the root of the issue and the very dubious tactics you use and exactly what I was trying to uncover.

Let’s look at your original post…

Now let’s look at what you just said:

Now, without me having to tell you, do you see the difference in the two?

No, I don’t see the difference. You are just a BS artist who won’t and can’t defend a tough position.