Care to go on offense? Let’s see what the resident liberal has to say about this?

Are you so stupid that you don’t know that “undocumented immigrants” is the “cool” way of saying “illegal aliens” according to Democrats?


Dems don’t favor free healthcare for undocumented immigrants

So no, I don’t support free healthcare for illegals.

Yea, you cite two liberal news sources who are out to cover Biden’s butt on any issue. Furthermore, you have to believe Biden.

I will leave it the way it lies. Fools can listen to you and get screwed after Biden is elected. Realists can come to reasonable conclusions, and know that you are playing games the way you have with this entire thread.

You found a way to duck the issue, we know what you are.

Biden is running ads in Florida where he is promising to give the middle class everything:

A big wage increase for hourly workers.
A $15,000 tax credit to buy you first home.
A $1,300 increase for Social Security recipients.
A $7,000 subsidy for child care.
Aid to small business to buy green energy sources, but nothing else. If a small business doesn’t spend its money on a windmill or solar panels, it won’t get anything under the Biden plan.

And how is he going to pay for this? By raising taxes on “the rich” and corporations. Of course it does not matter if raising those taxes drains capital for job creation, affects retirees’ 401 k savings or business growth. No, all that counts is class envy which translates into more votes for Biden.


Everything that doesn’t agree with you is a liberal source…lol

Just deal with it, Biden does not support free healthcare for illegals. It’s just another lie the right tells it’s supporters to get their collective panties in a wad.

That said, if you ask me what I think I’ll tell you I don’t support free healthcare for illegals, period.


You can’t pretend to care about the debt and spending now.

Even setting aside the spike because of Covid, the debt under Trump went from 19t to over $23t before hitting $26t today (remember the COVID spike started last March). A debt Trump promised to repay in 8 years and again, even without COVID, it’s obvious it was never going to happen. What’s funny is how the political right plays lip service to debt reduction until they have the Presidency and then they don’t care.

All the growth that occurred (pre-COVID) is thanks to the $4t increase in the debt. Trump has proven my theory right. You can increase the debt without doom and gloom and the result is economic growth.

So the answer is, the debt will increase, and as long as we don’t have another pandemic, I’d expect it to increase another $2-$3t more. The difference is that growth under Biden (I hope) will put more money into the hands of those lower down on the economic spectrum and work it’s way up to the top.

I mean, the debt has increased $17 trillion since 2008. Where is the doom and gloom the right predicted? Are our children paying for past debt?

No, you don’t understand the debt so you fear it, which in itself would be fine, but now you show that you only fear it when a Dem has power.

I hope not. Taxes on corporations are just taxes on consumers. Just like tariffs don’t work because the people end up paying them in the form of higher prices (just like taxes on corps), the same is true of corporate taxes. I really hope he doesn’t, but unfortunately, neither the right or the left seem to understand. I expect that Biden will drop the tariffs and increase corporate tax swapping one handicap for another.

Job creation comes from demand and demand comes when people have more money to spend. So all of this chicken little stuff about how jobs will be lost is just that.

Remember that more jobs were created in the last three years under Obama than the first three of Trump (again, even before COVID).

Illegal aliens leech less out of the system than insurance companies. Republicans would have a stronger case against illegals using healthcare if they also wanted to chuck useless insurance companies.

Nonsense. If people would STOP relying on “insurance” every time they got a paper-cut or the sniffles, insurance would be orders of MAGNITUDE less expensive–as would routine health-care visits.

And pay the Chargemaster rate. Which makes absolutely no sense.

But be happy - Joe Biden/Kamala Harris will fight tirelessly to defend insurance companies. We’ll go at least another 12 years now with virtually no change to the system.

I have an arrangement with my own family physician and I pay her NOWHERE NEAR what you call a “chargemaster rate.”